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Is Buhari Fighting Corruption? ~ By Emmanuel Osuchukwu


Corruption, Corruption, Corruption, Nigerians wake up, no one is fighting corruption. Do you know that the major reason cited by Major Nzeogwu and co for the January 1966 coup was to wipe out corruption?

But the motivation for that misadventure had nothing to do with corruption. Since 1966 every attempt to effect a change of government in Nigeria contained references to fighting corruption. Yet every government since Yakubu Gowon has dossiers of corruption sitting in the records.

Some of the military regimes, the primary constituency of President Buhari actually stole the country dry. If General Abacha was fortunate enough to survive in office and covered his tracks no one will believe he was a heartless thief.

The truth is fighting corruption in Nigeria is a mighty ruse and President Buhari has elevated that art to both science and religion. Apart from intimidating opponents, corruption is thriving right under our noses. Soldiers, policemen, public officials are brazenly conducting their corrupt practices.

If Nigeria is serious there should be a University course titled: The Economy of Corruption. I have read that there is a functional aspect of corruption – the creation of private capital that is not wholly dysfunctional to the economy.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not legitimising the terrible social disease called corruption. There are more critical existential matters facing Nigeria at present but hardly debated.

President Buhari is doing what all dictators do well. They identify the nation’s emotional soft spot, repackage it as the cause and panacea of the national malaise while proceeding with their atrocious hidden agenda.

Under Buhari, Nigerian economy is in tatters, insecurity is at its peak even as the deadly Fulani herdsmen are on unilateral truce, unemployment is at crisis level, nepotism and ethnocentrism is practiced in a blatant and at unprecedented level and the fragility of the Nigerian state is at a breaking point.

Beware Nigerians, Buhari is not fighting corruption. Vote him out or expect a full blown dictatorship after the 2019 elections.

Emmanuel Chigozie Osuchukwu is a London based writer.

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