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Is Governor Nasir El rufai Financing Fulani Terrorism?


Going through the interview governor Nasir El-Rufa’i granted news men concerning the southern Kaduna genocide, all I can see is a man being compelled by some divine spiritual force to tell the world things no one else could disclose, wrote Steven Kefas on Facebook.

He continued:

“Now that the widely publicized interview clearly showed Governor El-Rufa’i confirming that he paid the Fulani terrorists ostensibly to stop killing innocent peace loving and law abiding people of Southern Kaduna, do we still need an angel to tell us who the sponsors of these sons of Satan are?”

What Governor El rufai said:

Fulani herdsmen from across Africa bring their cattle down towards iddle and southern Nigeria. The moment the rains starts around March, April, they start moving them up to go back to their various communities and countries. Unfortunately, it was when they were moving up with their cattle across southern Kaduna that the elections of 2011 took place and the crisis trapped some of them. Some of them were from Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Mali and Senegal. Fulanis are in 14 African countries and they traverse this country with the cattle. So many of these people were killed, cattle lost and they organised themselves and came back to revenge. That is their culture, if you kill a fulani man, they send the information from generation to generation until the account is settled.

So a lot of what was happening in Southern Kaduna was actually from outside Nigeria. We got a hint that the late governor Patrick Yakowa, got this information and he sent someone to go round some of these Fulani communities, but of course after he died, the whole thing stopped. That is what we inherited. But the Agwai committee established that.

We took certain steps. We got a group of people that were going round trying to trace some of these people, trying to trace some of these people in Cameroon, Niger Republic and so on to tell them that there is a new governor who is fulani like them and has no problem paying compensations for lives loss or stock and he is begging you to stop killing. In most of the communities, once that appeal was made to them, they said they had forgiven. There are one or two that asked for monetary compensation. They said they had forgiven the death of human beings, but cattle. We said no problem, some we paid. As recently as two weeks ago, the team went to Niger Republic to attend one Fulani gathering that they do every year with a message from me. -Nasir el Rufai 

BTW, is it really true that these Fulani Janjaweed are innocent victims caught in the cross-fire of the 2011 crisis and presently out on revenge killings?

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What about the menace of the Fulani herdsmen in North central and south eastern Nigeria?

What about the indiscriminate killing of Shia Moslems?

The Fulani destroys crops, kills, rapes etc without provocation. 

Some has been asking what is wrong with Nasir el Rufai’s statement?


“Everything is wrong with the statement. Hell-Rufai has confessed to negotiating with terrorists and financing terrorism”. – Okeke Stanley Divine

“Story for the Gods. How will you see anything wrong? Was the Fulani herdsmen just passing-by when the people started killing them? Was crops not destroyed? Were women not raped? did they not kill first? Will you keep quiet if your land is being encroached upon? People should mind what they are supporting. You cannot just support anything just because you are a member of APC” – Afam Aniagu

“What about the menace of the Fulani herdsmen in North central and south eastern Nigeria? What about the indiscriminate killing of Shia Moslems?”

“El Rufai is a Fulani bigot and unworthy to be a leader. it is unacceptable for him to act in the manner he did. He justified criminality. This is not about dialogue. The same man that is justifying the killing of unarmed Shiites is paying criminals for killing innocent citizens. How do you reconcile that?” – Kelechi Jeff Eme

Fulanis from other African countries bring their cattles down here to graze every year leaving deaths and destruction in their wake and he is openly and shamelessly telling us that…

“I blame the communities allowing themselves to be murdered by the so – called herdsmen. How many are the herdsmen? Imagine the rubbish a state governor is openly spewing. As if Fulanis are stateless and can graze anywhere they bloody like. It’s our fault for gathering idiots and putting them in public office.” – Nze Anizor

“As a pure-bred Fulani, I know what he says is false! Fulani from Senegal to Sudan cannot be seen as more powerful than our military that we became so helpless and had to pay ransom to them in order to have a semblance of a peace when we have a supposedly no nonsense army general as our president who ordered a massacre of 347 souls for blocking the road in Zaria!” – Abubakar Ibrahim Hanwa

“So…does this end the rampage? No more killings? Since the ” debt” has been paid? – Ekerete Akpaidiok

“even Lucifer, the Satan has been educated more on how to fabricate lies, propagate falsehood and commit heinous and gross atrocities by Buhari and his legitimate APC supporters.” – Abubakar Ibrahim Hanwa

However, the governor also said:

Today in Kaduna State we have arrested 400 people for kidnapping and cattle rustling and armed robbery. All except about 5 of them are Fulanis. I am Fulani, does it mean I should not have them arrested and prosecuted? I don’t consider them Fulani, I considered them criminals. Whenever I sit with Fulani leaders I tell them that we arrested over 400 suspects and 99 per cent of them are Fulanis and they should ask themselves why is it only Fulanis that are doing this. Is that part of the culture of the Fulanis, since when did they start carrying AK47 rifles and so on…

From a small problem in Ninte, some people found a way to add fuel to the fire, because it is politically expedient to do so not caring how many people get killed. Over time, the culture of impunity has permeated also segments of society, people think they can do anything and get away with it. There is very weak law enforcement or uneven law enforcement. If you are from this ethnic group or religion, you can do something and get away with it but the other one cannot. There is a mind-set that you can take the law into your hands. This is what has been happening and escalating the problem.

So it is most unfortunate, but honestly the whole challenge is that of banditry and it has to be addressed. -Nasir el Rufai

But what he failed to disclose is how many of the arrested Fulani terrorists have been tried and jailed?

Where are they now?

Still in unlawful detention without trial or since released?

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“El-Rufai is simply being pragmatic. There is a problem to be solved, so how do you go about it? Human lives cannot be monetized so if his approach solves the problem & brings sustainable peace, so be it” – Raymond Onwaeze

Mubarak Jibril I think he took the pragmatic way out. Fulani are generally peaceful but are violent when provoked. We never hear that Fulani have been killed and their cattle stolen because they have no constituencies and no representation, but it happens all the time. Every part of country has witnessed their wrath. We only hear about reprisals. Fulani do not forget or complain but act. They have no respect for national borders or the rule of law since their communities span borders. This needs to stop. But we are also partly to blame. Our growing appetite for red meat is creating an overblown informal industry with no regulation and oversight. Nigeria is the largest market for cattle. The solution lies in heavy investment in animal husbandry by corporate Nigerian farmers to meet the entire needs of the nation. This will slowly and smoothly replace Fulani produce. The current system is archaic, prone to conflict and unsustainable.

“Governments in the West African sub-region have to change the orientation of the Fulani’s by encouraging ranches just like South African countries.” – Moha Jaji

“Perhaps. But there are certain things that need to be done first. We need to completely secure our borders. Something that even the USA is struggling with. We need to be able to hunt down and arrest violent Fulani criminals in other countries. We need to ask sovereign nations permission to extradite their citizens with sufficient proof of criminality. We need to provide protection to all law abiding Fulani from extortion and theft. We need to able to prosecute people that attack and steal from the Fulani. All these require resources we do not have. I personally think the fulani cattle migration raison d’etre should be replaced. Its a win-win. Create a new industry that will create jobs and replace an archaic system. Fulanis can also participate in the new industry if they so choose.” Mubarak Jibril


El rufai’s claim is rubbish… Coming from the chief security officer of a state…. 

How can Mr. Governor be paying terrorists in the guise of begging them to stop their mindless killings?

Was Mr. Governor high on some Marijuana before making such shocking revelations or the blood of the massacred is gradually hunting him to speak?

The most annoying part of this is that he used tax payers money for this venture and our gullible House Assembly cannot even do anything! 

I feel like throwing up when our funny comedians of brethren from this zone (southern kaduna) are still giving excuses for their pay masters. 

You cannot just support anything just because you are a member of APC.

Take note all those supporting these people for the sake of stomach infrastructure that posterity will never forgive you! 

We keep watching as the tragic comedy unfolds and the responses from their apologists… What a shame!

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