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Is Nigerian Sovereignty sold?


How can I tell my children in a few years to come that once upon a time, there was a certain man whose sins were forgiven as his religious fanaticism was ignored, his tribal bigotry was overlooked, his abysmal leadership dispositions were played down.

To ensure his threats of soaking the baboons and monkeys in their own blood if he loses his 4th attempt bid of becoming the elected President of Nigeria never comes to pass, the incumbent president conceded defeat and handed over to him on the 29th of May 2015.

Also, to those who were of age and witnessed his leadership style during his first missionary journey as the military head of state, beside 2015 – 2019 going to be a period of retrogression in the leadership and governance of the country, it will also herald the full blast of religious and regional championship.

To the political class who supported him from the South, it was to them an opportunity to hide behind his permeable diminishing knowledge to steal and loot the Nigerian commonwealth while to his Northern supporters, it was a time of getting back their birth right, in all this, no one was for the interest of the citizens.

Once he was sworn-in after the election, personal interest of supporters from all quarters emerged, castles, pillars and routes of bad governance were erected and almost instantaneously, the economy showed signs of collapse, terrorism and Fulani herdsmanism cropped up, federal character was replaced with tribalism in the appointments, recruitment and award of contracts to families and regional brotherhood and just like in 1983 during his first missionary journey, voices of dissent were cowed, selective prosecution of crimes in justice system returned while lies, deceit and propaganda played the role of coverage for them.

Just after one year into the 2nd term, the centre of the fraudulent and deceitful government could no longer hold as the pillars, fabrics and shackles holding the base of their fraud became wobbly due to the sincere prayers of Nigerians from all regions and boom, revelations upon revelations through disagreements has become the order of the day which guarantees one trouble and problem per day.

If it is not the late Abba Kyari, it will be the first Lady, then a personal secretary, from Magu of the EFCC to Malami the AGF, from Tinubu to Ngige, Adams Oshomole to Akpabio and finally, the revelations got into oversea where china bought our sovereignty in advance through a needless loan deal as overseen by Amechi.

In all these and considering the level of loot committed by this government, can we still have a Nigerian for our children tomorrow?

Do our present leadership believe in the nation called Nigeria?

Is Nigeria ending at the expiration of the 2nd term of this government?

Will the sovereignty of Nigeria still remain beyond 2023?

Is our sovereignty actually sold?

Can someone help please?

To be continued

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