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Is Prayer, Not Hard Work, The Way To Build A Nation? ~By Anayo Nwosu


Can't we pray that all the corrupt politicians, civil servants wake up one day & see themselves in prisons without diligent prosecution, lengthy trial?

If only our people and our government could tap the full potentials of prayers, we would have developed beyond what are and where we are now.

Why not we pray that Onitsha-Enugu Road, PH-Enugu Road, Kaduna-Kano Road etc. become renewed overnight?

Can’t we pray that all the corrupt politicians and civil servants in Nigeria would wake up one day in the morning and see themselves in prisons without diligent prosecution and lengthy trial?

Is it not impossible for God to stabilize our economy without our human efforts and to make naira equivalent to US dollars?

Who says that our civil servants could not miraculously get their salaries, pensions and gratuities paid as at when due?

Did Israelites work for Manna in the desert? They prayed and it fell regularly and enough for them to eat and be satisfied.

Only prayer can make the aged in Nigeria become young after retirement, incapacitate the youth and make them helplessly donating future and destiny to them by killing themselves.

Do all those that predict economic doom for Nigeria if the country is not restructured know God?

Didn’t water come out from stone at Meriba by a mere hitting of the rock by Prophet Moses with a rod?

Those clamouring for 2nd Niger Bridge don’t seem to realize that God, who parted the Red Sea, can permanently divide the River Niger and save the country the huge amount of money.

It would only take a little more prayers.

If we pray more, we could wake up one day to see ourselves in mansions and in well planned streets here on earth.

Yes, it’s possible.

Are we not going to inherit free mansions in heaven? It is still possible on earth.

I enjoin all our state governors to declare six months of fasting and prayers for God to recreate our country and make everything so new, beautiful and functional.

We don’t need to work, we just need to pray fervently for 6months and start enjoying.

Some unbelievers would read this and start countering me in an attempt to say that we as a should people reap whatever we sow. Nonsense!

Have we not been reaping Federal Revenues Allocations monthly without working?

The youths are doing well in the prayers. Majority of them are pleading with the likes Segun Odegbami and Christian Chukwu to return to Super Eagles. The national team, they believe, needs the experience of the retired heroes.

This is a nation of miracle. Let us pray!

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