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Islamic cleric dares Buhari on equal distribution of national wealth


Mohammad Atani Yahaya Jengree

Image: Mohammad Atani Yahaya Jengree

One of the Founding Fathers of Izalatul Bidi’a Walma kamatul Sunna, Mohammad Atani Yahaya Jengree tasks President Muhammadu Buhari on fairness and equity in distribution of national wealth as the only surest way of getting a sustainable peace that will out stand the test of time.

Sheik Jengree said Buhari is the favored of the down trodden as the massively supported him with their votes and resources, defending him against all odds, he own any common man in Nigeria good health, access to education, good standard of living and our teaming unemployed youths will be gainful and meaningful employed.

He added that Buhari has no excuse not to work for Nigerians, he must be good to Muslims and non-Muslim in fact even those without religion in as much they are Nigerians they have their own share when distributing the national wealth because they voted for him,” he said.

Jengree who is the International link Man of the organization with headquarters in Abuja said Buhari must be good to all Nigerians that is what is enshrined in the Islamic religion.

Yahaya compel Buhari to adhere to the tenants of justice as the bed rock of building a lasting peace in any community.

According to him, when there is injustice people will definitely revolt against the constituted authority, at long run it will result to anarchy and rebellion.

He call on both the Muslims Christians leaders to always have a central meeting point were prayers and issues of National interest will be properly addressed in respective of difference in religion views and opinions.

”If all the leaders of both christian and Muslims have a central meeting points were all our followers sees us coming together under an umbrella discussing issues of National interest, it will be done on every one we are united. “He added

The cleric plea for steadfast sincere prayers for president Buhari and his cabinet as is certainly one of the act that will make him succeed in his tenure.

Yahaya said this in Yola during the wedding Fatiha of three daughters of Atiku Abubakar.

By Tom Garba, Yola

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