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Israel appoints new spymaster, vows never to allow Iran have nuclear weapons

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday announced the appointment of David Barnea as the new head of Mossad, a secret intelligence agency in the Jewish state’s defence.

Barnea, 56, who served as a combat soldier in the elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit, joined Mossad in 1996.

In a ceremony marking the new appointment, Netanyahu hinted at steps Israel could take to thwart Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Moreover, power brokers have been meeting in Vienna since April in a bid to bring Washington back to the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran, which the US under the administration of President Donald Trump abandoned in 2018.

The withdrawal under president Donald Trump and re-imposition of sanctions led to Iran stepping up its nuclear program.

However, Netanyahu while announcing the appointment of David Barnea as the new spymaster commended Mossad for their bravery and gallantry.

He said James Bond is a sucker when compared with what the secret intelligence agency has done so far. The charismatic leader noted that there is no single action movie that can be compared to what the institution does.

Netanyahu said, “Today I awarded with the head of the Mossad Yossi Cohen the Prime Minister’s award for Mossad operations and announced the appointment of David (Dadi) Barnea as the next head of the institution.

“I told the people of Mossad – your every operation is more bold, imaginative and crazy than the last. James Bond is a sucker compared to you. We’re going to open theaters in a few days, there’s not a single action movie that compares to what the institution does.

“Our super mission is to prevent Iran from armed with nuclear weapons.

“I really appreciate our friend USA, who has stood by us for many years. This is part of our national security volunteer. But there could be a situation in which our higher destination – to ensure that the Ayatollah does not stop the thousands of years of existence of the Jewish people – will require us to make bold and independent decisions. The israel state will not allow Iran to armed with nuclear weapons.”

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