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“It Is Not Possible For Unarmed Protesters To Break Into A Prison In Edo State” ~ Fisayo Soyombo


Following the unfortunate jail break in Edo State today which culminated to the escape of inmates, under-cover journalist, Fisayo Soyombo who once lived inside a prison cell as an inmate during an investigation in 2019 has revealed that it is impossible for a hoodlum or an unarmed protester to do so without the collaboration of prison authorities.

According to Fisayo, today’s occurrence in Edo State is impossible without the tacit support of prison security.

Reacting to the incident via his verified Twitter handle, Fisayo said,

”As someone who lived eight days in prison as an inmate during an undercover investigation, I can tell you that it is NOT possible for unarmed protesters or hoodlums to break into a prison in Edo State or elsewhere and set inmates free.

No large scale jailbreak can succeed without (i) the active connivance of prison insiders, (ii) the tacit support of prison security or (iii) the disguised involvement of prison authorities. When you’re ready to tell us the truth — or if you ever will — we’ll be here, waiting.”

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