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It is purely criminal to usurp a project for which we have patent ~ OYA

Re: Recall of Senator Rochas Okorocha

…political jobbers have hijacked our program

…it is purely criminal to usurp a project for which we have patent

…we have begun consultation with Orlu stakeholders on our next line of action

We are shocked beyond imagination to read in some sections of the media that a group known as OPOCA has hijacked the Recall process of Senator Rochas Okorocha, an agenda which we initiated as the apex leadership forum in Orlu Zone. When we made some effort to unmask those behind the faceless group, we were taken aback to find out that a band of notorious political jobbers and attack-traders and a few illiterate political thugs, who make a living by stoking the embers of political violence, have chosen to usurp our program, impersonate the respectable identities of our most senior leaders and members, and are now spiritedly targeting to dupe unsuspecting members of the public using an agenda which is legally ours.

What is further worrisome is that they are mainly serving appointees under the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma. It is completely unacceptable to us for our program to be deployed as a tool for political vendetta, and never again shall we sit back and watch the political soul of Orlu suffer corruption.

To be clear, on September 1, 2019 we set up a 7-man committee for the recall with following terms of reference:
a. Interfacing with INEC for the purpose of the Recall;
b. Collation of data, petitions and signatures of the entire eligible electorate in the Zone;
c. Engaging with all critical stakeholders and creating awareness for the Recall;
d. Ensuring that there is a landslide victory during the Recall plebiscite;
f. And any other thing which the Committee shall decide to do in order to achieve the Recall.

We had also formally written INEC to inform them of the process and consequently requested the Commission to act in line with the provisions of Section 69 of the 1999 Constitution and open a recall register for the purpose. The letter to this effect was dated September 27, 2019, and it was received and an acknowledgement copy signed and stamped by the Commission. Having accomplished all these fundamental processes, we have become the only legally permissible body with the patent to speak and act on this subject.

With the clarifications above, the mischief, the fraud and the political profiteering stratagem of the shadowy characters known as OPOCA can now be fully understood. It is criminal for anybody to impersonate us, and we will not fail to explore the legal option of deservedly subjecting them to the consequences of their misdeeds.

Finally, we have begun consultations with all critical stakeholders in Orlu Zone aimed at building a broad-based consensus on the informed position of Orlu people with respect to this question of Recall.


Engr. Sylvester Anyikwa
National President

Comrade Obinna Nnajiuba (Agbogidi)
Publicity Secretary

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