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Iwu raises alarm over ‘silent spreaders’ of Coronavirus


Chairman of Imo State Covid-19 taskforce, Prof. Maurice Iwu has raised an alarm that the pandemic is being spread by people who probably do not know they are carriers of the virus.

The individuals whom he referred to as “silent spreaders”, “are moving freely with us and spreading the virus undetected.”

Iwu made this revelation while fielding questions with newsmen on Tuesday in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

He regretted that the directives so far given by the government to prevent the virus were not being taken seriously by the people.

“It will be wrong to say that coronavirus has been contained. Our people are no longer obeying government’s directives because they think that the tension has reduced. Let us not be complacent about the tendency of this virus. It takes people unawares.

“There are people who may be carrying the virus but have no knowledge of it. They are silent spreaders and are freely distributing the virus,” he said.

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