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Jacob Zuma addresses joint sitting of Nigeria National Assembly


President Muhammadu Buhari receives South African President Mr Jacob Zuma at the State House in Abuja

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has just finished speaking to Nigeria’s National Assembly on the first day of his two-day state visit to the country.

He said that South Africa and Nigeria need to work more closely together on political, social, economic and cultural issues.

Zuma also spoke about security on the continent and said: “Let the citizens of Africa march together to defeat all those forces that bring harm and suffering to our continent.”

ABOVE PHOTO: President Muhammadu Buhari receives South African President Mr Jacob Zuma at the State House in Abuja

Excerpts from Zuma’s speech read:

“The main objective of the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa is to ensure that economic ties are strengthened. We are proud of this country, as Nigeria charted the way Africans need to follow with the 2015 election.

“Nigeria’s role in ending apartheid in South Africa must be told endlessly to future generations of our people. Nigeria’s role in the reparation of South Arica has a special place in the history of the African continent and we must strive not to be left behind in the fourth industrial revolution. Presently, more than 120 companies from South Africa operate in Nigeria as against just four companies in 1999.

“But we must diversify our economies to provide more jobs for our people to break away from colonial strongholds. Economic cooperation between Nigeria and South Africa must be enhanced to enable Africa develop at a fast pace.

“The bilateral relationship between our countries improved in the last 16 years with over 120 South African Companies in Nigeria now.”

We must strive for the diversification of our economies to create more jobs for our people – Zuma

More than 120 South African companies operate in Nigeria currently, a huge growth for only four in 1999. – Zuma.

The history between Nigeria and South Africa needs to be told to current and future generations. – Zuma.

Zuma recalls Nigeria’s support for South Africa over the years in the quest to end apartheid and subsequently.

Our hearts $ prayers are always with the Chibok girls who were abducted from their hostels in April 2014 by Boko Haram – Zuma.

The people of Nigeria showed unwavering support to South Africa to remove the last bastion of colonialism (apartheid) – Zuma.

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