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Jibrin and the trinity of conspirators: Our Stand – Huriwa


Jibrin , dogara

Gentlemen of the media we (Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria) are worried by the recent developments in the once calmed and peaceful House of Representatives headed by a constitutional lawyer Mr. Yakubu Dogara.  

We are specifically bothered by the sudden eruption of politically instigated controversy surrounding the 2016 Appropriation which has for long been passed by the National Assembly and signed into law of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  

We are aware that this same budget as we were told was heavily padded by the officials working in the Budget office of the Executive Arm of government for which the media reported that some Directors were reassigned to other less juicy places but no single officials of the Federal government was prosecuted or sanctioned since by law they ought not to criminally tamper with the proposed Appropriation Budget okayed and submitted by Mr. President. 

Even President Muhammadu Buhari who was on series of globetrotting activities then was quoted as telling his audience that those who padded the budget in the Federal Cabinet of the Federation would be dealt with but as we are already notoriously getting used to our business-as-usual tendency the matter quietened down but this same matter has been resurrected by the dismissed chairman of the House Committee on Appropriation Mr. Abdulmumin Jibrin.  

This man for the many Months that the controversy over the theft of the original deposit of the copy of the then proposed federal budget lasted actively defended the integrity and innocence of the House of Representatives. 

 But as soon as misfortune smiled on him with his dropping from the juicy position he then started singing like an ‘ecstatic canary bird that just swallowed some ecstatic substances’.  

This character rather than submit himself for investigation ab initio or say what role anyone of his committee member or the larger house played if any in influencing suspected padding of the proposed budget as he  was the most vociferous defender of the house but his eventual dethronement from hierarchy of the Federal House of Representatives is now the motivating factor for him to suddenly rebrand himself into the ‘public defender’ of the ‘truth’ and by so doing he has made nonsense of his public standing in the eyes of critical members of the public. 

He is lucky that we live in an epoch whereby the gullibility of most consumers of popular media contents has impeded any critical inquisitions or inquiry of any allegations published in the media like other people do in the advanced democracies. 

 In developed societies decent people would have by now dismissed him as a drowning man who wants to collapse and sink with whatever his hands desperately holds on to but alas in the local media in Nigeria such soft tissues of uninvestigated claims are made page one story.  

Gentlemen, as media stakeholders we in HURIWA and our 26 other affiliates are disturbed about the ethical deterioration of the editorial foundations of the Nigerian Media. 

The media should have asked Mr. Abdulmumin Jibrin whether he was the same character associated with infamous anti-democratic gambit of ‘Million Man March’ for the then maximum military despot to transmute into life President which was disingenuously called YOUTH ERNEST ASK FOR ABACHA’ (YEAA). 

Was that Abdulmumin Jibrin allegedly linked with that infamous anti-democratic gambit for Abacha his twin brother or is it another case of identity theft and/or mistaken identity?

Gentlemen this Abdulmumin Jibrin instigated ‘crisis’ is fraught with several layers of fault lines and political innuendos. 

The entire political drama is becoming curiouser because it coincided with the most curious season whereby conspiracy theories are swirling around the necks of Presidency officials suspected of funding subterranean plots to ‘overthrow’ the properly constituted hierarchy in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the recent infamous ‘Nicodemus’ type of visits to the President by former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the All Progressives Congress governors curiously known as ‘progressive’ governors forum headed by the most incompetent governor ever in Nigeria’s history Rochas Okorocha. 

Retired military General Olusegun Obasanjo emerged from his surprise meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari only to cast aspersions on the integrity of a very strategic institution of democracy -the National Assembly by his blanket accusations that virtually all the elected representatives of the Nigerian people are rogue elements.  

Obasanjo it was who unsuccessfully sought to subvert the Constitution through contrived amendments to railroad him into self-perpetuation as life President. 

Curiously, Obasanjo told journalists in the State house that as a ‘messenger’ he was in the villa to deliver a message to Mr. President the same period coincided with the meeting of Mr. President with the APC governors who reportedly went away with N2 Billion each to wage internecine battle to overthrow the constituted leadership of the Red chamber of the National Assembly because as they carelessly stated, the National Assembly is not cooperating with President Muhammadu Buhari.  

The story that was circulated concerning the N2 billion was that it was meant to balance the equilibrium since the immediate past PDP produced President Goodluck Jonathan dashed the same amount to some (not all) PDP governors who were servile to his ambition but left out APC Governors and some other PDP governors considered antagonistic to him (Jonathan). 

But in the Naira rain in Aso Rock only APC governors participated in the bonanza but the other disaffected PDP governors who were reportedly left out by Jonathan were not mentioned. 

The leader of the APC governors forum who met Mr. President nevertheless stated in black and white that the Deputy Senate President is in their radar for removal from his coveted seat so the only APC Senator just ‘procured’ through an ethically challenged electoral  process can take over.  

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