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Jinadu Mohammed ‘s allegation of nepotism against Buhari is hogwash

I have read the wild allegation of nepotism   levelled  against President Muhammadu Buhari by Dr Jinadu Mohammed in today ‘s Punch Newspaper.

I truly think that this allegation  is indeed baseless.

It is illogical for Jinadu Mohammed to suggest that Amina Zakaria was appointed by Buhari.

She was appointed by former President Jonathan in 2011.  

I did not believe that it was Buhari who gave her name because at the time she was appointed President Buhari was a leading Opposition leader .

She is also from Jigawa not Katsina.

Mamman Daura is not holding any government position.

Is Jinadu Mohammed suggesting that Buhari should cut off from his relatives because he is President .

The Minister of Water Resources ,Adamu Suleiman,  I know very well has been close to Buhari since 2003 when he entered politics and had work assiduously to promote his candidacy in all the elections he had contested .

He was the Vice Chairman of the defunct CPC for North West . He is a competent and well educated engineer who deserve to be appointed Minister in his own Right .

He is from Jigawa not Katsina.

The other positions mentioned by Jinadu Mohammed such as ADC (Colonel Abubakar) and Personal Assistant respectively ( Sabiu Tunde),  he alleged are occupied by Buhari’s relations are not political appointments but positions that Buhari reserve the prerogative to appoint people of his choice.

Jinadu Mohammed has also not told us how the Minister from Kaduna’s  relationship with El Rufai dis-entitle her from being appointed as Minister .

In any case El Rufai is not Buhari ‘s relation .

The outburst of Jinadu Mohammed is therefore in the realm of an emotional outburst and bad belle .

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