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Jonathan, 2015 election, & the phone call that saved us all


Jonathan is a man of peace; he was the only president that said his political ambition wasn't worth the blood of any Nigerian and actually proved it.

Just so we don’t get it twisted, I’m here once again to bring out the good sides of the man Jonathan because I believe there is a grand conspiracy by some very powerful forces to twist history and place the Otueke-born Zoologist on the bad side of it by ensuring his name is never associated with anything good.

Regardless of your political, regional or religious affiliation or even the volume of prejudice or bias you harbor against Jonathan, one fact you can never dispute successfully is that as president, he was a democrat to the core. 

He is a man of peace and above all, he was the only president who said his political ambition wasn’t worth the blood of any Nigerian and actually proved it.

World over, the right of the electorates to determine who governs them is the basic principle upon which democracy rests. 

If this basic principle is compromised, trust me, it is no longer democracy. 

How can you exercise any form of control over a politician who doesn’t need your vote to get into office?

For the very first time in decades, Nigerians had full confidence in that plastic thing called “voters card”. 

Nigerian voters felt very powerful and well positioned to determine who preside over their affairs. 

We witnessed an INEC that was truly independent. 

We saw an INEC that was allowed to take measures that clearly gave more advantage to the opposition party and her candidate to the detriment of the ruling party and the incumbent president Jonathan.

All those things happened because we had a Jonathan who believed in the process more than the outcome of that process as president.

Before we go further, please, just take a minute and ponder on the INEC under Jonathan and the INEC we have today. 

Have you done that?……Good! Let’s proceed.

It is on record that the then INEC headed by professor Attahiru Jega deliberately adopted measures that clearly tilted the scale in favor of the then opposition party, now the ruling APC. 

Let’s look at some of those measures:

Out of the additional 29,129 polling units created across the country, over 20,000 of them was allocated to the North which is the main support base of the APC presidential candidate while the entire southern Nigeria was left with just 8,414 polling units.

When the PVCs were being distributed, this incident reared its ugly head again when INEC announced that as at 17 Feb, 2015, war-ravaged North East states like Adamawa, Borno, Yobe and Bauchi had recorded 88%, 72%, 74% and 86% respectively.

Meanwhile, the relatively peaceful southern states like Ogun state had hers stood at 49% and Lagos with a very large population of highly enlightened voters had hers at 64%. 

What INEC wanted us to believe was that despite the security challenges in the Northeast, they were still able to distribute more PVCs there than very peaceful states like Lagos and Ogun, right??

This same INEC still made provision for IDPs in the North to vote but none was made for IDPs in the south that did a special “exodus” from the North for fear of post-election crises.

All those measures clearly put Jonathan at a disadvantage and he knew the implications but he still refused to interfere with the electoral process by replacing Jega. 

Even when there were rumors that Jega had a secret meeting with the APC in a foreign country, he still resisted the urge to replace him.

Now, tell me, if you were Jonathan, would you not have sacked Jega? 

Would you have sacrificed the chance to continue enjoying power as the most powerful man in Nigeria just so you could safeguard the electoral process? 

How many of those demonizing GEJ today can do the same?

Imagine if Jonathan had insisted on equal distribution of the PVCs across the country and all southern IDPs being allowed to vote just like the Northern IDPs? 

Would this not have fetched him more than the 3 million votes with which he lost the election? 

All these wouldn’t have broken any law. As a matter of fact, that would have been the fair thing to do. 

Even sacking Jega would have been legally okay seeing as he who can hire can equally fire according to the Interpretation Act. 

But he chose not to interfere at all.

What does that tell you about the kind of president he was?

Note, I carry God beg EFCC abi na INEC, Charles Ogbu didn’t make up any of these oooo. 

Those are all verifiable facts. Ordinary Google will clear your doubt. Carry your cyber-stalking thing dey your lane ooo.

Now let’s come to the main election:

There were videos of underaged almajiri kids standing on the queue in most northern states to cast their vote. 

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