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Jonathan’s greatest mistake – Buhari’s greatest fraud


If Jonathan had started his own war against corruption, he would have been able to use it as an excuse to jail his opponents. So, you can now see the folly in not having your own war against corruption, even a fake one. – Author

Looking back, it would seem that President Jonathan’s greatest mistake was the manner his government handled the issue of corruption. But please stop: I am not about to say what you expect. My mind is reasoning differently.

Jonathan was too honest in the way he dealt with corruption. He simply left the subject and allowed his officers to help themselves. What made Jonathan different was not that he was more corrupt than Obasanjo or that he would be more corrupt that Buhari’s regime. No!

What made his different was that he failed to start some bogus war against corruption. He failed to fire up some propaganda and false war on corruption.

Come to think about it: Obasanjo waged war against corruption. Yet, he was the most corrupt. Sixteen billion dollars was squandered under the guise of reforming the power sector, and we got nothing from it. Obasanjo fought against corruption. Yet, he used Transcorp to steal billions. Obasanjo and his Minister of Abuja stole too much land in Abuja. Yet, he fought the war against corruption.

Now, Buhari is fighting his own war against corruption. Yet his officers were busy padding figures into the budget for themselves. On Buhari’s war against corruption, they could tell every penny that went to Dasuki and how each money was split between Dokpesi and Metuh. Their focus on this money is so pin-pointedly accurate that not a penny could escape their attention. 

But when it came to the national budget which would fund the administration, they could not add up the numbers. Billions of money appeared where they should not be on the budget. Yet, the war against corruption continues in high gear.

The louder the noise about the war, the better each corrupt administration is able to create a smoke screen that it is not corrupt. Jonathan was the only one who just avoided that pretension and propaganda driven war against corruption. And that was how Jonathan created the impression that he was the most corrupt deserving exclusively of investigations.

If Jonathan had started his own war against corruption, he would have been able to use it as an excuse to jail his opponents. So, you can now see the folly in not having your own war against corruption, even a fake one.

Having said that, Nigerians are yet to see a war against corruption that is honestly fought. What we have had has been a pretentious war against corruption. Some lip service to this war. If Buhari means real war against corruption, just take back all the lands that were allocated without due process. 

From that alone, the government would realize all the money it needs for the budget. Don’t get me wrong: I am not saying you should leave Dokpesi, Metuh, and Dasuki off. I am just saying you need to add the corrupt APC politicians and let them keep company with their PDP friends. 


For those who did not understand my earlier post on the subject, I hereby restate it thus:

In order to hide your own corruption, you have to set up a program of war against corruption. Naturally, such wars against corruption are fake wars and they do not prevent corruption. The purposes of such war against corruptions are:

(1) To hide your own corruption and create the impression in the minds of the people that you are not corrupt.

(2) To provide an opportunity to set your opponents against the people when you accuse your opponents of having engaged in corruption.

(3) To use such war as an exclude to arrest and detain and eliminate your political opponents without arousing the suspicion of the public who believe that you are indeed fighting corruption.

(4) Having successfully, eliminated your political opponents, to pursue personal political ambition (in addition to the money have amassed).

Hence, after Obasanjo court his war against corruption, he was able to think of a third term. After Ribadu made a name as the warrior against corruption, he used that power to prevent Odili from running as President, but instead to give it to Yaradua. And after making a name as the Champion of the war against corruption, Ribadu, smuggled himself 4 ranks above his mates in the police force and was actually going to become the IG of police. Ultimately, Ribadu’s ambitions that fired his war against corruption became manifest when he ran as the President of the ACN party.

In all the wars against corruption, the ordinary people are the victims and they are cheated. But they soon become wise and they reject tomorrow today’s warriors against corruption. As an illustration of this, the people continued to reject Ribadu, each time he summated himself for elections. First, they rejected him as a President.

Second, they even rejected him as a Governor. I am sure that if Ribadu runs next time as the Local Government Chairman, the people will reject him. This is because even if you are able to deceive the people for a while with this war on corruption, eventually, they become wise and get to know the truth.

Buhari’s war against corruption is not different. It is clearly not in the interest of the people. Just that they do not realize yet. Because it was never in the interest of the people, Buhari is fighting the war with very extremely corrupt people, who would smuggle figures into the budget in order to defraud Nigerians. 

If President Buhari were serious about corruption war, why has he not fired those people in his government whom he called the budget mafia? He allows them to remain in his government, knowing that they are corrupt and they are thieves, because he needs them for what they are good at – stealing public funds.

Emeka Ugwuonye

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