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Judicial Inquiry On Lands: Uche Nwosu In Panic Mode

By Barr Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu


The setting up of a robust, 7 man Judicial Inquiry On Lands by Gov Emeka Ihedioha has sent the abandoned gubernatorial candidate of the Action Alliance (AA), Uche Nwosu in to a panic mode. The reason is not far-fetched. Nwosu served as Commissioner for Lands and Survey in Rochas Okorocha’s administration between 2013 to 2015. I give a big kudos to the Governor for selecting qualified and competent persons of integrity as members of the Panel which is expected to submit it’s report within sixty (60) days. The scope of the Panel’s work is to consider the process of Land administration in the State between June 2006 to May 2019.

Nwosu who is the son-in-law and the “right hand” of the disgraced Ex-gov Okorocha, as Commissioner for Lands then, is alleged to be privy to the illegal conversion to private use of many government lands and properties by Okorocha. It was alleged that Nwosu also supervised the grabbing of Imo people’s private lands under the strict directives of his father-in-law, which was allegedly shared amongst themselves and their cronies. Some of the properties are currently under investigation and have been sealed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

They include but are not limited to the following:

1. Old Secretariat converted to Woodi Wellness Centre owned by Nkechi, Okorocha’s wife.

2. A land in Kuje, Abuja where Okorocha is also building a private University.

3. IBC Quarters converted to Rochas Foundation College.

4. Shell Camp Quarters converted to private use.

5. The land in Area P New Owerri converted to Westbrook Hotels owned by Nwosu.

6. Government House Annex Orlu road converted to Lamonde Hotel owned by Okorocha, which name was later changed to Willow wood Hotel still allegedly owned by Okorocha through a proxy.

7. All-in Supermarket owned by Okorocha’s wife, Nkechi.

8. East High Primary and Secondary Schools owned by Nwosu’s wife, Uloma.

9. SPIBAT Estate converted to a mega estate owned by Okorocha.

10. The land along MCC and Port Harcourt road converted to House of Freeda Multi Business Venture owned by Nwosu’s wife, Uloma.

11. Dews of Hope Hospital traced to Dr Paschal Obi, ex-principal Secretary to Okorocha.

12. Market Square Supermarket within the premises of the Old Secretariat along Orlu road traced to Okorocha’s sibling.

13. The Multi Billion Naira Royal Spring Palm Hotels along Akachi road owned by Okorocha’s wife, Nkechi.

14 .All other government reserved areas then acquired by the Okorochas, cronies and proxies worth over N100 Billion.

Based on the foregoing, one can little wonder why Okorocha was hell bent on installing Nwosu as his successor against the wishes of Imolites, who were at the receiving end of his draconian and corrupt rule. Okorocha had wanted Nwosu to succeed him apparently to cover up their misdeeds in land administration. Had it been he was elected Governor, Nwosu would have been Okorocha’s proxy in Douglas House and virtually, his third term. This means a continuation of the misrule and unprecedented corruption witnessed in Okorocha’s government.

If all these anomalies and corruption could take place under Nwosu as Commissioner for Lands and Survey, what would have become of Imo State if he had become Governor? The disaster would have been unimagined. At a time, it was reported that over N7 Billion Bailout fund meant for payment of worker’s salaries was allegedly diverted to Nwosu’s house, from where it grew wings and vanished. In addition, the EFCC had sometime earlier this year, revealed how Billions of Naira were illegally withdrawn from government bank accounts in order to fund his guber campaign. In fact, the kind of stupendous wealth Nwosu has been exhibiting in barely 8 years of having his first paid employment, clearly attests to the fact that he must be a partaker in the primitive looting that took place in the State during Okorocha’s eight (8) year misgovernance.

Now that Gov Ihedioha has set up this Judicial Panel to examine vexatious issues of alleged breach and irregularities in land administration in the State, it is expected that Nwosu should tighten his seat belt and get ready to give account of his stewardship. Instead of trying to divert attention by visiting one youth gathering or the other in a hopeless bid to galvanize support for a guber rerun, which technically has become a mirage. Unfortunately for Nwosu, Imo youths have been weaned of his attempt to hoodwink them in to giving Okorocha a highly undeserved “third term” by voting him in as Governor. Rather Imo youths will support the Judicial Panel to ensure that Imo people’s lands criminally converted by Okorocha with the aid of Nwosu, are returned back to them at all cost.

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