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Jumbo Pay: Each Senator takes home N182m yearly, Reps N136m —Report

The 109 Senators at the National Assembly takes home a jumbo pay of N182 million yearly, according to a revelation by StatiSense on Saturday.

According to StatiSense,  each Member of the 360 lawmaker of the House of Representatives gets a total annual package of N136.6 million or 11.3 million monthly, or N33.9 million quarterly.

Writing on its Twitter handle, StatiSense stated:

“FLASH: Each of the 109 Senators in NASS takes home about N182m yearly, translating to N15.1m monthly or N45.3m per quarter.

“House of Representatives: Each of the 360 lawmaker gets a total annual package of N136.6m or 11.3m monthly, N33.9m quarterly.”

See tweet:

The above statement shows that every 4 years, 276 billion Naira is given to legislators in Nigeria.

An analyst with ElombahNews  said that “this money is capable of building a power plant of 800 mega watts.

“Yet, that is the money wasted on  a few individuals year in year out.”

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