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June 12 & Igbo Exclusion: Leaking The Wounds Of Biafra War

By Anigbogu Stephen


Now that nobody from South East is neither the President, Chief Justice of Nigeria, Senate President, Deputy Senate president, Speaker of House of representatives nor Deputy Speaker .

Let us examine some historical issues at play .

You will agree with me that pre/post independent politics of Nigeria revolves around power play among the three Ethnic groups in Nigeria ,namely Hausa, Fulani , Igbos and the Yorubas .

Each of the tribe has plotted for the Presidency of Nigeria or secession when it failed.

For the Yoruba’s, they in the past plotted for the Presidency of Nigeria using Awolowo , when it failed, they continued using MKO Abiola . To actualise the plot, they got late Yar’Adua , who asked Atiku to step down for MKO Abiola in 1992 .

Having got Atiku to step down, Abiola’s candidacy was sold to the North . He was said to be the presumed winner of the election whose outcome was annulled . The Yoruba’s threatened secession. To pacify the Yoruba’s, the northern military oligarchy then compensated the Yoruba’s with another president in the person of Olusegun Obasanjo . Obasanjo ruled for eight years, but the core Yoruba’s never accepted his presidency as pacifying to the Yoruba’s.

The Igbo’s on the other hands plotted for the Executive presidency of Nigeria using Nnamdi Azikiwe, when it failed, and after years, killings of the Igbo’s in Nigeria became uncontrollable ,the Igbo declared for secessionist Biafra …led by Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

The war lasted for three years. On being reintegrated back to Nigeria, the Hausa/Fulani ,Yorubas and Niger delta continued sharing the Presidency of Nigeria till date.

The Hausa/Fulani plotted for the presidency of Nigeria using Alhaji Shehu Shagari, they got it, Obasanjo also gave them Yar’Adua , Yar’Adua died ,and providence brought Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from Ijaw tribe of Niger Delta .

The modern plot to control the presidency of Nigeria saw the core Fundamental Yorubas, led by Bola Tinubu, who previously were the main opposition in alliance with core fundamental northerner led by Muhammadu Buhari working together, which has produced President Muhammad Buhari, and have also returned him for second tenure.

The presidency has gone back to core Yoruba’s presidential sentiment of 1992 as represented by MKO Abiola annulled presidential contest …previously the military oligarchy from the North and south west presented June 12 1992 MKO Abiola annulled presidential ambition as Yoruba’s regional ,and sentimental protest.

Today, Tinubu and other core Yoruba fundamentalist has used Buhari’s presidency to make June 12 represented by MKO Abiola annulled presidency a national Democracy Day . Not only that, the National stadium at Abuja has been renamed after MKO Abiola.

Not only that, a Yoruba is the Speaker of federal House of Representatives. Not only that, a Yoruba , Bola Armed Tinubu, is one of key voices in the ruling APC today.

The national healing has seen the Yoruba’s compensated with Obasanjo’s Presidency, Immortalization of MKO Abiola, making of June 12 a Democratic day , naming national stadium after MKO Abiola ,giving Yorubas Speaker of federal House of Representatives, etc.

Now the national healing is on course with Igbos neither in control of the presidency, National Assembly nor Judiciary.

When will the rest of Nigeria start the real healing of wound of Biafra experience among the Igbos?

When would the Igbos be compensated with the presidency of Nigeria?

Is it justifiable to compensate the Yoruba’s with Obasanjo’ presidency in place of annulled MKO Abiola presidency, and continue allowing the Igbo’s to perpetually live with the experience of Biafra War?

Is it of good conscience to make June 12 national Democratic day and at the same time scheme ndi Igbo out in all top most positions in the country?

The Igbo question in Nigeria is a constant reminder of the saying that “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

Anigbogu Stephen, Abagana

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