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June 12: Twitter CEO’s Solidarity Tweet Sparks Reactions


The tweet of an icon of Nigerian flag by Mr Dorsey divided Nigerians along different interpretation lines on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

Undaunted by the Nigerian government’s criticism of his company and ban of its operations in the country, Jack Dorsey, the chief executive officer of Twitter, has again shown solidarity with Nigerians on another historic protest day on Saturday.

Mr Dorsey tweeted the Nigerian flag at exactly 12:00 a.m. on Saturday, which is Nigeria’s official Democracy Day.

Many Nigerians, however chose the day to protest against poor governance and deteriorating state of insecurity under President Muhammadu Buhari’s watch.

Recall that Mr Dorsey played an active role in the #EndSARS protest staged against police brutality last October, 2020.

He not only created an accompanying icon for the hashtag but also promoted donation campaigns in support of the historic protest.

But Nigerian government has counted this act against Twitter in the wake of the ongoing standoff with the microblogging platform.

The government recently banned Twitter in Nigeria, two days after it deleted a controversial tweet by President Buhari.

Many Nigerians, who continue to defy the ban on Twitter, besieged Mr Dorsey’s timeline following his early Saturday’s tweet of the Nigerian flag.

The tweet, however, generated varying interpretations among Nigerians.

To some, it was an endorsement of the June12 protest, while some others see it as a commemoration of Nigeria’s 22 years of democracy.

A few others also asked him to mind his business and not to poke his nose into Nigeria’s affairs.

As of 6p.m. on Saturday, the tweet had attracted over 87,000 likes and 6,400 comments. It had also been retweeted over 52,000 times.

Below are the reactions from Twitter:

@Ayemojubar: Jack has done more for Nigerians in this short period than Buhari did for Nigeria in his entire existence.

Be Focus!



@vickee_chi: I don’t know what else you’re waiting for,

@jack has tweeted the Nigerian flag

Twitter has changed its retweet color to green. Nigerians in diaspora are all geared up for the #June12thProtest

If these doesn’t motivate you. Maybe acute hunger and frustration from the govt will.

@Topman004: The only man who had stood in solidarity with the common man and all Nigerians at large except our oppressors.Thanks to you Mr. Jack you’re the GOAT..



#KeepitOn https://t.co/HeCldjwuXJ

@Drpenking: For the people who said that Jack does not deserve any accolades, that it was a scheduled tweet. I want to tell you that the fact that he had Nigeria in mind to schedule that Tweet speaks volumes. Where are your favorite Nigerian celebrities? They are all in hiding.


@firstladyship: Jack is energy. He has done a lot for Nigerians. He supported us during the #EndSARS. On Twitter ban, he said we should #KeepitOn. Now he’s helping us tell the world our story on a day like #DemocracyDay. Should we give Jack chieftaincy title?

@ayosogunro: In 2019, I mocked people who went to meet-and-greet Jack when he visited Nigeria.

I’m like that: I hate the way we patronise rich white men in Africa.

But if I meet Jack today, I will thank him for not rolling over for the Nigerian govt at the expense of the people.


@odeyemi_yem: If jack wants to be the president of Nigeria we won’t mind for real, he’s always there when we need him #June12thProtest https://t.co/EBB8j4r9EQ

@mo_knightingale: The way @jack believes in Nigeria and her youths, if most of her leaders could believe half… It would be a different story.


@misskaumi: I am in full support in what @MBuhari did, Twitter shouldn’t have deleted his tweet, God Bless Nigeria,

@shuaib_izge: Jack can’t you just mind your business and stay away from affairs of Nigeria. Sometime you’re just annoying

The June 12 protest was staged in different cities against the worsening security situation, poor governance, amongst other problems of the country.

Although Twitter says it is in talks with the Nigerian government to see to the restoration of its operations in the country, prominent Nigerians, civic groups and members of the international community have criticised the federal government.

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