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Amnesty Int’l Asks Police To Investigate Senator Abbo Over Alleged Assault


Amnesty International on Tuesday asked the Nigerian Police to investigate alleged assault on a woman at Adult toy Shop in Abuja’s by Senator Elisha Abbo.

Senator Abbo had assaulted a woman in Abuja on May 11 when he was yet to be sworn-in as Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Amnesty International in its verified twitter handle said:

” Amnesty International is calling on Nigeria Police to investigate Senator Elisha Abbo (Adamawa North) for alleged assault on staff of an adult shop he patronizes in Abuja.

“Video of the senator assaulting women is widely available for police to act.”

Senator Elisha Abbo, in company of 3-women, in an adult shop in Abuja assaulted women wildly in the presence of police @PoliceNG. This must be investigated. Victims of his violence must get justice
What is known so far on Senator Elisha Abbo’s assault on women:
-He went shopping in an adult shop with 3-women.
-He summoned police that joined him while assaulting a lady.
-He slapped her 3-times
-The woman he assaulted was treated in hospital for injuries.
Reports say, Senator Elisha Abbo threatened to unleash more violence on the women if the incidence got to the public. It is resposibility of police @PoliceNG to now protect victims from further of his violence. This must be investigated. The senator must face justice
Enough of rape. Enough of violence against women. Enough of injustice. Enough is enough.

— Amnesty Nigeria

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