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Justice Kafarati Caught In Age Scandal

Eagle Eyes Transparency International, a Non-Governmental Organisation [NGO], in a careful perusal of the hierarchy of the Federal High court judges, their dates of birth , enlistment date and disengagement dates from the service,  noticed serious discrepancies on that of His Lordship and the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court on the website of the Federal high court.

The website just captured the Chief Judge date of birth as “1954” unlike that of other Lordship which clearly and specifically stated the dates, months and year of birth which guides the specific disengagement dates of each judicial officer.

See the attached image:

Spot the difference!

Attached are the website pages:



To the speculations making the waves,  it is believed that the Chief Judge of the Federal High court is due for retirement between June -July 2019 on the grounds of  having reached 65 years which is the mandatory retirement age.

Currently, the specific date of birth of the Chief Judge of the  Federal High court  Justice A. A. Kafarati is ambiguously captured unlike that of the other justices which dates are well spelt out.

Eagle Eyes Transparency, therefore, appealed to the Chief Judge to clear the air on his date of birth by clearly stating the date and month in 1954 in the interest of general public and specifically, the judiciary system which ought to be a role model for others to emulate.

When our correspondent went to the federal High Court in Abuja for clarification, he was simply walked out without explanation thereby heightening speculation of mischief in the age discrepancy.

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