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Justice Onnoghen, Dangiwa & Prospects Of Southern Cjn- Fani Kayode


North “hijack the judiciary’? Permit me to add to the analysis, whilst the North would send younger judges to the Supreme Court bench who eventually rose to become CJN,   our  Southern counter-part  sent older Judges who retired before they got to CJ-ship.

Conscious of Mr President Buhari’s body language, his utterances his top cabinet picks, his gender slant,  Northerners find the moment.  South knew PMB’s credentials yet South went to slumber rather than being vigilant.

Imagine certain bar leaders raising awareness over Justice Onnoghen seven working days to Feb 10th 2017.

Mariam Mukhtar may have missed CJN-ship cos AG Adoke who was allowed discretion tried to undermine gender justice in contradistinction to his Boss.  No thanks to AGF Adoke FIRS Boss Mrs Ifueko Omogui was kicked out before her term expired. He also kicked Ms Bola Onogoruwa out of BPE.

Plots to remove SEC DG Ms Oteh by former Speaker Tambuwal’s House. If it took seven months to former CJN Dahiru’s end of tenure to watch over Justice Mariam Mukhtar’s succession, it ought to have dawned on ‘legal vigilantes’ bar leaders lawyers&non-lawyers to watch over Lord Onnoghen’s.  Thanks for reading  other perspectives. CA
FANI KAYODE“….The first southern lawyer (and indeed indigenous Nigerian) to be called to the English bar was Christopher Sapara Williams in 1879.
By way of contrast the first northern lawyer to be called to the English bar was almost 80 years later.He is still alive today, he is a respected elder statesman and his name is Alhaji Abdul Ganiyu Abdulrasaq SAN. He is from Ilorin and he was called to the English bar in 1955.
Again the first southerner (and indeed indigenous Nigerian) to be appointed a judge was Justice (Sir) Adetokunboh Ademola in 1937.
He later went on to become the first indigenous Nigerian Chief Justice of the Federation.”
“By way of contrast the first northerner to be appointed a judge came 30 years later. His name was Justice Mohammed Bello and he was appointed as a judge in 1967.  He also later went on to become Chief Justice of the Federation. Despite this massive disparity in terms of education and the overwhelming seniority at the bar and the bench of the southern lawyers and judges, the north has used the “federal character” formula and the massive political power and executive fiat that it has wielded over the last 56 years of our existence as an independent sovereign nation to highjack the Judiciary.”
Femi Fani-Kayode


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