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Kaduna chapter of Middle Belt Forum calls for urgent action as Nigeria is drifting to massive chaos

The Middle Belt Forum is once again compelled to issue press statement regarding the state of affairs of our great Nation Nigeria which has gone into an unpredictable situation.

Almost every aspect of our National life diminishes our human values. How can we claim to be a people of sound value when Traditional, Accademmic, Judicial, Politics, Education, Economic, Religious and others such hitherto revered institutions openly pevert justice?

Now, since we Nigeria have chosen to celebrate artificial and superficial glory at the expense of real success, we need not to be taken a back that vices such as kidnapping, cultism, corruption, ritualism, political, unrest, Yahoo yahoo activities and gangsterism among others are taking a centre stage in our country.

The worst part of our warped value systems that we don’t take responsibility for our lives and our own state and country destiny. We don’t take responsibility for anything. It is only in Nigeria that there would be mass killing some where and the police and other security operatives of hierachy would be waiting for a call or the body language of some power in the authority before they are actually taking step to do the needful. Sadly, we still pontificate on the illusion that books like” how Europe under developed Africa provide.

Today, the U.S office of the management and budget put the value of a human life of the range 7m 9m. As of 2011, the enviromental protection agency set the value of a human life at $9.1m. Meanwhile, the food and drug Administration put it at $7.9m and the department of transport put the figures around $6m. Is any these the right answer? No, because human life is priceless. money was created by man and thus the creation of man, money cannot be more valuable than man
This is a call on the conscience and the soul the Nation.

Where is our humanity?

Where has our human feelings fleed to? How can we have roads that have become somewhate of a death trap and it does not really bother us? What kind of a Nation house its security men in a place advanced National would not dare put their prisoners.

What kind of a people enter into a Church and open fire on hopless worshipper including children? What kind of a people will hide a Paliatives and relief materials to reduce suffering due to covid -19 lockdown?

What kind of a people conners fund materials for the internal displaced persons? What do we really want? Who really are we? What do we represe?

A well defined value system is a moral code. It is a coherent set of values adopted and/or evolved by a person, organization or society as a standard to guide its behavior in preferences in all situation. Your value system is the set of believes by which you have chosen to live your life, your morality, integrity, ethics, cultural attitudes etc.As individuals, we all have our dos and our don’t and we do have our reason for them.

There is no Nigeria alive today who is not in government, that is not a witness to the incredible, insensitivity, incompetence and wickedness of our political leaders. But we have a clear choice between allowing them to continue pillaging Nigeria and rejecting them so we can built a compassionate, competent and just co government.

This is the right time to claim our right from dubious leaders from head to toes. It is the height to lirate ourselves from political exorbitant. They have made all efforts to stop history as a subject so that critical information will be lost for ever. Merit, character and patriotism held sway and the country kept pace with the rest of the world.

To some of here and out there who have always imagined that Nigeria has always been a jungle where lawlessness and tribalism reign, this is the way it really was and the way we were.

Never again will we condone a deceptive word of the wolf in sheep clothing echoing” youth are the leaders of tomorrow with much ado, youth wanted to see it happened, instead, the opposite has been the reality.

Though after the precolonial period, our founding fathers might have genuine intention to run a great Nation where no tribe, region or religious practice would be preferred to the other proberbly a national equilibrium where when the voice of Nupe man in the North is crying in the wilderness it will befect by an I jaw man in the South. And when the culture of an Igbo man in the east is being displayed a Yoruba man in the west would cherish it,

A great is Idear of great man and positive attitude. A transformed family is a product of a transformed individual, as such transformed families beget a transformed society, this as result is translated to a reformed, civilised, standard and well structured Nation.

If we study history of America for example, it is a conglomerate of a well structured Nation with human rights respect and dignity that come together to form a United State.

In Israel for example, a life of one man is worth going to war for if lost.

In Germany, the government value the life of citizens to the point of providing social ammenities to citizenry at will. it is taking seriously. These are the the outcome of great minds who came together and drafted a choiced Nation comfortable for human inhabitation, the question is, can’t it be possible hear? The answer is, it is quite possible.

Ours is a country that has been battered and shattered by activities of failed policies, selective honesty, doubtful transparency, beclauded accountability, lack of probity, continuous abuse of all legal systems. we simply face failed leadership which is as a result of bad decision of the citizenry as expressed in the polls.many so called political office holders today are representing only themselves to the detriment of the masses.and common good. our developemental indices differ sharply from those of successful countries and with infertile pride, we fail to learn from their secrets. Our politicls are always beautiful and attractive yet left to remain mere academic excecise.

The incessant invasion of communities across the Middle Belt that has resulted in massive, destruction and sacking of such communities from their ancestral land by Fulani herdsmen terrorists has left in their trail a serious humanitarian situation of internal displaced persons (IDPs) in camps all over the country that are dire need of food item medicare, education and other basic human need and neccesities of.

In spite of all these and the fact that this babaric invasion and kidnapping which often times assumed the dimensions of ethno – religious cleansing and mostly genocidal proportions
The president Muhammad Buhari led federal government continue to turn a blind eye to these.

President Mohammadu Buhari led Federal government is characterize by ethnic religious chauvinism, bigotry, unconstitutionality and total disregard for the rule of law.

Day by day Nigeria drift irreversibly into a dark tunnel.

2020 country Report on Human rights practices, US department of state in the repor, it was staed that traditional relationship were used to pressure government officials to favour particular ethnic group in the distribution of important position and orher patronage.

The constitutional position is that all of us, Christians and Moslem are stakeholders in this country, so for the government to bend or learn towards moslem in its appointment is un constitutional. The varied interests of other ethnic and religious groups. He want to islamized Nigeria, where is Saddam Hussain of of Iraq?, where is Mamman Gaddafi? Where is Gen Sanni Abacha? They are all dead and gone and are now feeding raw materials for maggots.

We should always learn from history

This country needs you and I to bring our wealth of knowledge and idears in all discipline and field of endeavors whether accadecally acquired or divinely, it doesn’t matter.

Nigeria will be great again.

God bless you.


John Haruna
Middle Belt Forum
Kaduna State Chapter.

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