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Kaduna Now An Extension Of El-Rufai & Partners ~ By Samuel Kure

While mobilising  for votes for “CEO” El-Rufai, I wrongly assumed that I was working for a potential governor, a man that will place the Welfare and Security of the people above anything else, little did I know that I was working for a man with CEO mentality.

Instead of guaranteeing and enhancing the welfare of Kaduna State Citizens, our governor has been looking at our state as an extension of his Quantity Surveying Firm,  El-Rufai and Partners, his private firm associate are now responsible for Contracts Segment of Our State.

Mr Martins Akumazi the Special Adviser to the Governor on Projects Monitoring and Husseini Dikko, the Chairman, Kaduna State Public Procurement Authority are Senior Members of the El-Rufai and Partners whose office is located in Abuja.

Following the election of their Senior partner at the Firm as Kaduna State Governor,  they have temporarily closed shop, and a new one has been opened in Kaduna State government house.

Mr Akumazi as the then Head of Kaduna Public Works Agency, (KAPWA), supervised the reckless awards of Contracts to top government Officials.

In an Exclusive document obtained by Sahara Reporters, the SSG; Uba Sani, SAD Political to the Governor; Spouses of the governor etc were identified as beneficiaries of the “CONTRACTS BAZAAR” as rightly captured by Sahara Reporters.

Instead of blaming the head,  the governor pushed the blame to the Assistant General Manager Operations, Mal Hayatuddeen Lawal Makarfi who only implemented the directives of the then General Manager.

The immunity that covered him, Mr Martins is likely the Partnership wing that brought him to Kaduna.

The Chairman of the PPA was fingered as one of the beneficiaries of over 400 million Naira inflated Re-Painting project in Kaduna by one Alhaji Jibo.

The said Petition by Concerned Kaduna group has since turned some of the beneficiaries of the contract that won the contract via diabolic and “arrangee” selective tender.  There was no competitive bidding in both Phase 1 and 2 of the said Project.

Virtually all Staff Quarters in the state and allegedly Kaduna State Liaison Office in Lagos have been sold to people that only time alone can reveal their identity,  the said auctioning of the houses is a subject of litigation today as many occupants were denied the right of first refusal.

Shockingly, our governor today called himself the elected CEO of KDSG as seen in the tweet screenshot and shared below.

It is that CEO mentality that guided him into the  sacking of Civil Servants in the State to reduce cost of governance  at the detriment of effective service delivery,  which is number one responsibility of government.

That same ideology made the CEO to sack teachers under the guise that they are incompetent and couldn’t pass Primary Four Exams, after accumulating  some “PROFITS” the CEO certified them worthy to teach again, numerous of them have been reabsorbed  into the payroll of the “Organization”

Since the mentality has been the CEO and Capitalist type,  basic services like Scholarship, Law School stipends etc. hasn’t been made available to our future leaders.

Instead of procuring Drones and installing CCTVs to tame security challenges as publicised and captured in 2016/2017 budget,  not even a butterfly is flying in our airspace to guarantees our security.

Little wonder Kidnappers took the late Agom Adara from Kafanchan Road to Abuja Road without any technology to track them up to the point he and others were killed.

The CEO mentality has bred other CEOs like kidnappers and Herdsmen making profit out of our collective suffering and insecurity.

In 2019 we pray God to bless Kaduna with a Leader and Chief Security Officer not a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mock Samuel Kure, Jema’a LGA, Kaduna State

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