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Kaduna residents decry banditry, daily abductions on kaduna-Birnin Gwari highway

Condemn attack on Air Force detachment & condole with families of victims


Birnin Gwari Emirate Progressives Union (BEPU) is shocked and outraged by the killings of two gallant officers of the Nigeria Air force 271 Detachment of Birnin Gwari: Flying Officer Abdulrahaman Bayero & Aircraft-man Saidu Bayero at Palwaya along Kaduna Birnin Gwari highway last Monday by armed bandits in a gun duel.

The Air Force officers were on their way to Birnin Gwari where they render their patriotic services of securing the lives and properties of people against the diabolically terrorizing armed bandits. May their souls rest In peace.

BEPU strongly condemns this heinous act, and we send our condolences to the Nigerian The Air Force and the families of the victims and call for those responsible to be brought to justice.

BEPU shall always remember and honor these patriotic military personnel and will mourn the tragedy deeply.

We call on the Nigerian Government to further support the The Air Force 271 Detachment deployed at Birnin Gwari with sophisticated weapons and every necessary facility that can boost the morale of the personnel towards fighting armed banditry and kidnappings in the area.

We also charge the The Air Force 271 Detachment to do everything within its confines to trail those responsible for the attack and bring them to justice and to make every effort to restore peace and security along the much dreaded Kaduna-Birnin Gwari Highway and Birnin Gwari Funtua Highway as well as in villages.

As BEPU remains steadfast and resilient in supporting the military formations deployed to Birnin Gwari to stave off armed banditry in the area, we also thank the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Kaduna State Government for their frantic efforts in dealing with the terror activities therein.


Meanwhile, the Birnin Gwari Emirate Progressives Union (BEPU) is dismayed to report that killings and abductions on Birnin Gwari Kaduna highway have resumed in full force by the terrorizing armed bandits.

The union tersely notifies the concerned authorities that the armed bandits who have been terrorising the area for over a decade now have resumed their demonic activities at free will on the highway.

We nostalgically observe that the armed bandits open fire sporadically on the motorists who ply the highway out of necessity on daily basis. They shoot at the motorists and abduct the passengers for heavy ransom. Sometimes, they shoot and injure or even kill some passengers.

Just today, Saturday 27thJuly 2019, the armed bandits opened fire on some travelers along the highway killing one person and injuring others.

It’s also very unfortunate that the highway cannot be used before 9am and after rpm on daily basis.

BEPU observes with serious concern the dearth of adequate security personnel on the highway. The very flash points that are supposed to have permanent presence of security formations are deprived of that, as a result of which those devilish armed bandits operate freely at those spots.

BEPU also observes with dismay that some of the security personnel deployed at the highway do not come out for duty until when it is late and the armed bandits utilize such periods and when the security go for a break, to launch offensive attacks on the fearful travelers.

BEPU also observes that the armed bandits operate more freely at the places where the road is full of potholes as a result of over a decade of decay of the highway.

Recently, the FERMA have started some maintenance works on the highway only to abandon it after covering some few kilometers, a development that strongly contribute to the armed banditry.

BEPU therefore, reminds the government that there is apparently a spillage of armed bandits who refuse to drop their arms and accept the government’s offer of peace at Zamfara state into Birnin Gwari forests. This must be arrested in no longer time.

BEPU urgently calls on President Muhammadu Buhari to boost the morale of the military formations deployed to Birnin Gwari by providing them all necessary facilities needed in the proper discharge of their operations against the bandits.

We call on the Kaduna State Government to mount more security checking points along Kaduna Birnin Gwari and support the Vigilante and the Police with everything they need to arrest the situation. This must be done with all seriousness as the bandits continue to launch offensive attacks against the travellers especially now that Eid el- Kabir is approaching.

BEPU calls on the Birnin Gwari Local Government Council to immediately restrategise and employ more tactics in fighting the bandits who have evidently regrouped and resumed their diabolical operations agaisnt the good people of Birnin Gwari. We expect that more Vigilante will be enforced on the highway immediately.

We also call on our people to continue to pray to Allah against the armed bandits and their heinous activities which seriously threaten our development.

Finally, BEPU thanked the courage, dedication and patriotic commitments being shown by all Security Personnel deployed to Birnin Gwari to fight against armed banditry and kidnappings. We also support and appreciate the efforts being made by the Vigilante. We however charge them to sit up and do more as the killings and abductions along Birnin Gwari Kaduna highway have resumed in full force by the armed bandits.

Barrister Salisu Haruna
Chairman, BEPU

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