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Kaduna State shall be great again!


Isah Galadima

I so much believe in the philosophical underpinnings of the El-Rufai-led government. First, the prior-to-election promises that massively canvassed for the overwhelming support given by the masses to the historic election of this government was so convincing and capturing.

The promises made have reignited the ardent hope in people that despite the apparent failures recorded in the previous governments that utterly plunged the premier state into a pathetic state, a vibrant and committed leadership can save the situations. I am fervently confident that the programs lined up by this administration will substantially propel Kaduna state to its peak of excellence.

I aspire to see a Kaduna that is free and democratic society, where there is freedom to the privileged and less privileged citizens.

I hope to see a Kaduna where education at all levels is free not just free that exists only on papers.

A Kaduna that is just to its teaming populace, where every citizen of the state gets what he or she deserves and where there is equality and there is no nepotism.

It’s my prayer to see El-Rufai-led administration build a Kaduna that is essentially united and self-reliant state, where salaries of the working civil servants are not delayed till FG shares its monthly allocation.

A state with potentialities and specialists to build the manpower into effective use for its teaming citizens.

My dream is to see a Kaduna that is great with robust economy, where I do not need to engage in stealing from the government treasury in order to become rich or even survive; an economy that will allow me own a house, get a new car [not Tokunbo] and dump Okada forever.

I hope to see a Kaduna becoming a land of bright and full opportunities for all its citizens, a state where ethnic, religious and geographical considerations cannot impede my corporate opportunities.

Alas! Insecurity is severely and increasingly making my hopes seem like a mirage. Though, I stubbornly defy such a feeling and become optimistically hopeful every day I remember it is Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai on the helm of Kaduna State affairs, it is the All Progressives Congress Party (APC) on the threshold of leadership in the state with President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) closely watching as ‘Oga at the top’!

As such, if I am compelled to select one area Kaduna state government must not fail to give its utmost attention to, I will simply say ‘let the government faithfully and most sincerely work towards fulfilling the promises it made prior to the 2015 elections that produced it’.

Kaduna state can only attain its most befitting place in contemporary world if security issues are resolved once and for all, unemployment drastically reduced, illiteracy significantly curbed and socio-economic development given a strident boost.

Curiously, my piece has taken as its theme ‘Let The Government Fulfill its Promises To Make Kaduna Great Again’.

Top on the list is security.

The government has toured every part of the state and has seen critically how insecurity affects the lives of Kaduna state citizens and implementation of its policies. Insecurity with all its attendants’ allies has ravaged the state considerably. 

Armed robbery, cattle rustling, ethno-religious crises and others have for a very long time thwarted an optimal development of the state. Insecurity, just like Boko Haram insurgency, constitutes the biggest threat being faced by the state and its neighbours. It’s gladdening to note that few weeks after his inauguration, governor Malam Nasir El-Rufai has swiftly taken a cogent lead in the fight against insecurity in the state. It’s our hope that the effort started will be followed up patiently until victory is ascertained.

Particularly, on ethno-religious crises in the state that shattered mutual co-existence of the citizens, government should try as much as possible to look into various reports on the problem submitted to the previous governments.

Specifically, government should try to look into Prof Shehu Usman Abdullahi and Prof James Kantiok led committee on Peace and Reconciliation in Kaduna state. The committee did a wonderfully through work and submitted its report to the then state governor, late Patrick Yakowa.

Similarly, government should try and reinforce Community Policing, empower its traditional leaders and reinvigorate the Vigilante Service into becoming an intelligent, sophisticated and rewarding work.

It is paramount to emphasize here that government’s efforts towards curbing the incessant cases of insecurity in the state will not be complete without providing the restless and jobless youth means of survival.

As such, government should as a matter of urgency complement its measures being taken to check the ugly manifestations of insecurity in the state by massive provisions of jobs.

Particularly, the armed robbery and cattle rustling in Birnin Gwari Kamuku forest should be given a heavy blow.

The scourge appears to be a hefty one and must be considered as disastrous as Boko Haram insurgency.

The combined operation geared towards flushing the evil Kamuku forest and others by Kaduna state and others must be supported by the federal government and if necessary, the international bodies.

Kamuku forest, Kuyanbana forest and other forests bordering Katsina, Zamfara, Niger and Kebbi states must be freed. The lives of people are endangered and highly threatened by the continued existence of these demonic evil perpetrators.

Finally on security, government should strengthen its intelligence unit of the Police. People should be encouraged to report strange movements around them. Similarly, the Kaduna state government should not compromise in its resolve to deal decisively with insecurity in the state.

Those found culpable should be subjected to the rule of law. Government must be seen not in any way taking the issue of insecurity as a compromisable one (that can be compromised). The perpetrators must be fished out and be punished according to the established laws. No mighty or poor should be allowed to go free once found in a way aiding insecurity in my dear state.

Kaduna state can only be great again if the government is ready, determined, committed and fearless enough to implement its planned and/or intended programs aimed towards restoring the lost prestige of the state. 

Thank you.

Isah Muhammad Galadima

Assistant Lecturer, Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto

Department of Modern European Languages and Linguistics


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