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Kano Bomb Blast: Sheikh Zakzaky Indicts DSS

Sheikh Zakzaky

The 23 people killed by a bomb blast in Dakasoye village, Kano state

during Arba’een symbolic trek by members of the Islamic Movement in

Nigeria, yesterday buried at thegrand Arba’een commemoration held at

the Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Zaria.




An estimate of 5,456,100 people trekked from Kano to Zaria to attend

Arba’een of Imam Hussain to recall the the treial and tribulation of

the family of the Prophet of Islam chained and dragged in the

scorching desert, after the brutal killing of Imam Husain and his

companions by forces of Yazid son of Mu’awiyyah, 61 after Hijra.




The funeral prayer was led by Leader of the Islamic Movement in

Nigeria, Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky after the Arba’een commemoration with

an estimate of over 17 million people in attendance.




The deceased were later buried at a special martyrs cemetery, Jannatul

Darul Rahma, located at outskirt of Zaria city, where the 34 people

killed during the 2014 Quds Day, which included 3 of Shaikh Zakzaky’s





Earlier in his speech, Sheikh Zakzaky accused the Nigerian security,

specifically the DSS, whom he were complicity in the rampant killings

of innocent people across the country in the name of Boko Haram.




“We cannot be fooled by Boko Haram story, when all statement by Boko

Haram come from them. The statements come from US and Israel. How did

the DSS in Nigeria knew there was going to be attacks on churches and

mosques, and who was going to do it?”




According to him, the sporadic killings in Nigeria and across the

world was deliberately planned to control resources on selected

countries and suppress any rising voice against the plan with the

assistance of security agents of such countries.




Sheikh Zakzaky dismissed the existence of suicide bombers in the wide

killings and specifically the Kano blast saying, they capture, torture

and threatened unsuspecting victims and lure them through various

means to carry explosives into gatherings in order to kill.




On the Kano bomb carrier apprehended, the scholar said, “He is also a

victims of the nefarious plan. He was capture during the Mubi invasion

when his parents were dispersed and trained in Sambisa forest, then

brought to Kano and prepared to attack the Arba’een trek.




He said, statement by the bomb carrier apprehended indicated that he

was threatened with death, should he failed to detonate the bomb.




Sheikh Zakzaky further stated that, the statement by the person

apprehended revealed that he was not part of the plan, but was used as

a scapegoat to do the dirty job. “They also threatened to declare him

a Boko Haram member should he failed to do the job”.




“We treated him as a victim and had to let him go. We tried as much as

possible to give him maximum cooperation when he was apprehended and

refused to hand him over to the security operatives, because they will

definitely kill him. He is not in our custody now”.




The Leader also exposed the last desperate attempt to attack the trek

on entry into Zaria for the grand occasion.




Part of the planned, he explained, included placing explosives in

petroleum jerry cans along the road, and in juice containers such as

Five Alive brand.




He said, a certain individual was sighted purchasing large quantity of

the Five Alive juice containers, pouring out the liquid content in

preparation for the devilish plan.




Sheikh Zakzaky reiterated his stand that, there was nothing like Boko

Haram, but a grand ploy to destabilize the country and siphon its





“They are the same people conducting senseless killings in Iraq,

Yemen, Syria and other places. Here in Nigeria, if the Boko is against

western education that it attacks educational centres, is worship also

forbidden (haram) that it also attack places of worship; what about

markets is business transaction also forbidden (haram)? We cannot be



On the Arba’een commemoration, Shaikh Zakzaky said, the occasion is

unstoppable as more people are becoming conscious of its significant

and what it stands for.




According to him, Arba’een stands for the answer to Imam Husain’s call

to uproot injustice, when he was alone without a helper in the plain

of Karbala without a helper.





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