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Kanu was deceived, lured with the promise of fake referendum by FG — Biafra Revolutionary Forces

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


The Biafra Revolutionary Force (BRF) says, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu who was allegedly arrested in Kenya was deceived and lured with a fake promise of referendum by the federal government of Nigeria and Southeast leaders.

In a statement by the Field Commander of the separatist group, John JB Brown, it said Kanu’s arrest came after some Northern elites visited Enugu State, begged the Southeast leaders to convince Kanu that an offer of referendum is on the table for him if he can hand himself over to the authorities

However, the group further said that the Federal government of Nigeria is mistaking if they think arresting Nnamdi Kanu will make them back down or stop Biafra agitation

The statement read: “The Truth must be told!

“First of all, I am not a Coward, and when I speak with audacity it is because I am doing what I know that is rightly justified in the face of the Universe.

“To begin with; let me assure you that I’m not here to make you like me.

“I’m not here to make you love me. I’m not here to make you my friend, however if along the line we become friends, fine.

“You can as well hate me, curse yourself, and throw up all you want, the important thing is being honest, straight forward and sincere to myself and to our audience.

“I am not here to convince you or to make you believe what I am saying, after all you have the right of your choice between right and wrong.

“In most cases I usually do not tell you exactly what you want to hear.

“This is so because I personally do not mince words, and I speak with facts that I am aware of.

“Back to the real issue of my comment.

“In the past majority of you Guys do not care or read and take into account anything we the members of BRF said or posted. With your personal grievances and reasons best known to you.

“There are those of you who were there with us and have supported and stayed with us till now. May you stay safe and alive to enter Biafra land as a new nation.

“Those of you who knew we exist and turn a blind eyes on us due to one reason or another including but not limited to emotional sentiment, soonest you will realize the damage and harm you have brought to yourselves.

“Pay attention, in the past few months, we monitored, listened and watched the entire southeast governors, including Ohanaeze Ndigbo converge in Enugu state, along with the Northern Elites every midnight from 0000hr through 0500hr, again in Enugu State, mind you!

“Each time they gathered they gave Nnamdi Kanu a phone call, they will discuss, laugh and smiling in pretense, they bragged about how they all loved Nnamdi Kanu and love Biafra.

“The Northern Elders and their Elites knelt down, begged, and give all sorts of promises to all the so called Igbo Elites, they shared bags of cash to everyone that participated in the meeting every night, down to gate keeper.

“They agreed that they will use the word referendum to lure Nnamdi Kanu to the country.

“They all went to work, they organized their women who do not know how to read and write. Those women gathered with placards written “referendum” referendum, referendum for Biafra etc.

“The rest Northerners took to the airwaves began to screaming how they cannot coexist with the Igbos anymore.

“Finally they scaled through in convincing Nnamdi Kanu to come back to Nigeria to have referendum and he accepted the offer.

“Soon he began to preach to his audience that he will be coming in June to lead in the battle front against the Nigerian military.

“Everyone was happy to hear that. But at the back of his mind he was banking on the bogus orchestrated offer of fake referendum.

“Soon they realized that Nnamdi Kanu was convinced of their bait. They arranged on how to fake his arrest.

“They placed bounty of 100m naira on his head. All was a planned deal. Nnamdi Kanu flee to Kenya; from Kenya arrangement took place and was perfect.

“We continue to monitor the situation and events unfolding, and finally Nnamdi Kanu peacefully entered the country, and that became the check mate (game-over) this was how Nnamdi Kanu was deceived and fooled with a fake promise of referendum.

“Who told Nnamdi Kanu that Nigerian government officials ever honor any agreement?
Bringing Nnamdi Kanu back to Nigeria was the greatest gift of all to the Northerners.

“But they got it completely wrong, because if they think that arresting Nnamdi Kanu, through that frivolous offer of referendum, they have miscalculated everything to their own detriment because Biafra Revolutionary Forces will not accept to back down.

“Our demands is irrevocable, our fight is irreversible. The freedom and liberty of our people is nonnegotiable.”

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