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Kanu’s IPOB on the path of being categorized as Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) by the United States

By Tony Nnadi

Kanu’s IPOB on the path of being categorized as Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) by the United States ~ Tony Nnadi
The door to LNC having anything to do with Nnamdi Kanu and his co-criminals in the High Command of the IPOB closed in the first week of September 2017 after four years of trying to get the criminals to reconsider their methods and actions which were very damaging to the Liberation Project.
They bluntly refused and instead went from bad to worse, increasingly justifying the Terror Tag hung on them by the Nigerian State since 2017, physically molesting and inflicting bodily injuries to People in the Homeland, threatening mayhem those who disagree with them, manhandling a Nigeria Senator in Germany, invading and destroying the Nigeria High Commission Premises in Indonesia, beating up Priests, attacking and disrupting Church Services, declaring Fatwas and ordering that People be Stoned to death, creating and massively disseminating Falsehoods against individuals using the Radio London megaphone as well as the cyber terror for which they have become notorious.
Quite apart from the Issues of Fundamental Issues of Strategy and Methodology over which the LNC differs IRRECONCILABLY with the “Biafra Restoration” Bandwagon, these plainly violent, criminal and dangerous antics of the Nnamdi Kanu’s faction of the IPOB renders impossible and untenable any kind of collaboration with the LNC.
The situation is much worse now.
Those very objectionable methods of Kanu’s IPOB have led to IPOB being listed by the USCIRF 2020 Report, along with Boko Haram, as entities tormenting the Church in Nigeria and so Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB has put itself on the path of being categorized as Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) by the United States and this will have far-reaching consequences for both our People and the Liberation Project all because one deranged Megalomaniac of a criminal seeks money and fame, riding on the waves of the unreasoning, sentimental and emotional attachment of our People to the Biafra Phenomenon.
On the other hand, the LNC sympathizes with the deceived , brainwashed and hoodwinked “Biafra Restoration” Footsoldiers and so decided that the Local Chapters of the LNC may at the appropriate time and on a case-by-case basis, admit those amongst such brainwashed and hoodwinked “Biafra Restoration” Footsoldiers who come to their senses into the Liberation Project.
In all, the LNC does not intend to associate itself with the Rogue Global Biafra Franchise operated by a bunch of Clear-minded Criminals led by Nnamdi Kanu, even as we assure our People that the Liberation Project as Designed by the LNC/MNN Grand Script is fully on Course and is now heading to the Destination Port.
Tony Nnadi
August 10, 2020.

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