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Kanu’s Trial: SOJ, makes sudden u-turn, appeals to pro Biafra groups to support IPOB leader

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika


Soldiers Of Justice (IPOB), a clandestine pro Biafra group that broke away from the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), after some top ranking officers of the movement were illegally dismissed from the organization in 2017 over unverifiable charges, has appealed to everyone, no matter the differences the person maybe having with Nnamdi Kanu, to support him as his trial begins today.

Though, the group after what transpired in 2017, vowed to expose some of the wrongful actions of the movement which in no doubt, they have lived up to.

Soldiers Of Justice in a statement titled, ‘Support Nnamdi Kanu’s court case’, said no matter the problems they maybe having with Nnamdi Kanu, every pro Biafra group should support his court case.

The group further said the problem they have with Nnamdi Kanu is internal and not external and they will continue to address the internal issues while complete support will be given to him in the court case against Nigerian government which is an external issue.

It reads, “No matter the problems we have with Nnamdi Kanu, I believe every Biafra groups should support Nnamdi Kanu’s case against the Nigerian government.

“Solders of justice SOJ is under Biafra struggle. The issues SOJ have with Nnamdi Kanu is internal issues not external issues.

“That’s why We should continue to address our issues with him, but at the same time we shall support his court case against the Nigerian government which is external case and common enemy.

“CJN Tanko Muhammad made Hope Uzodinma Governor of Imo State because their target was to fix APC government in Imo State, that’s why all Biafra groups should support Kanu’s case against the Fulani government.

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