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Keypoints In Buhari’s Interview ~ ElombahNews Summary

1. On why he pays special attention to Niger Republic.

President says that they are his cousins and brothers. So, charity begins at home. He added that boundary with Niger Republic is an artificial creation. He said he has cousins in Niger and that for him it doesn’t make sense to see such boundary as the British and France only just used pencil to draw a line.

2. On Insecurity In The South South and South East

That South South people assured him that IPOB/Igbos have been blocked and won’t be able to access the sea in case of war. Hence they have been surrounded and will be an easy picking. That hearing such news on good authority is sweet to his soul.

3. Bandits In the North

That they are battling bandits in North West but don’t want to make their actions and success public. Simy put, how they are tackling insecurity in the north west is not for public consumption.

4.Herdsman/Farmers Clashes

That he has mandated Malami to open and enforce the old grazing routes.

5. Calls For Restructuring

That the call for restructuring and state policing is not necessary as the existing structure accommodates that if we can revive LGAs Autonomy and security structures at the local level.

6. Calls By Governors On Insecurity

That governors who are waiting for him to come and resolve the Security challenges when they are elected to handle such responsibilities are not serious

7. Asked how he will lift millions out of poverty he said he has appointed service chiefs and that their achievements is not for public consumption.

8. Asked how he will tackle the fuel subsidy issue he said people are smuggling fuels to Benin and Ghana.

9. Asked where Presidency will rotate either north or South, he said party will decide and he is waiting for Buni report and that nobody will order what APC will do sitting from Lagos.

10. Asked why South East in particular and South in general are marginalised in his government especially in appointment in key areas, he said none of them grew through the ranks unlike those from the North who merited his appointment especially in the NNPC and security/defence sector.

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