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Kidnappers attack commuters in Southern Kaduna, kill 6, kidnap 18

By Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi

  • Kidnappers attacked cars in between kujama and Tashan Eche Kasuwan Magani in Southern Kaduna

On April 5, 2021, around 9pm, kidnappers laid ambushed in Kujama around Tashan Eche Kasuwan Magani in Chukun LGA and killed 6 person and kidnapped 18 person, carted away with there properties worth millions of Naira.

The roads to kidnapping activities in Kaduna State is busier than the roads to offices.

The state has publicly declared that “whosoever caught negotiating with bandits will be prosecuted”. Now the kidnappers have vowed to prove that whether the governor like it or not, the occupation must flourish.

The activities of the kidnappers have unequivocally shown that, they’ve been equipped to disfigure Christians to the level that Christians will be so fearful to travel for their conferences and prayers summit.

With the high level of insecurities in Kaduna State, it has mandated citizenry to think of self-defense as the only antidote to their peace, since the government of Buhari cannot provide the primary call of leaders to her citizenry.

It is rather unfortunate that the government have becomes so sick to the level that it cannot walk; it has to be carried on wheelchair. My take is that if Buhari can’t provide security as his primary call let him resign and go back to Daura.

Ungodly messages from the presidency has become the most accepted and celebrated issues in the Nigeria.

Times without number the Minister of information, Liar Mohammed will say we have “technically defeated Boko Haram” . I think, I may be right or wrong, that Nigerians will have a chorus answer: “what we are having today is more worrisome than 2015!”

Innocent people are being killed every day in Kaduna and the world is silent about it. This is a clarion answer that El-Rufai and the so-called cohort has no difference in their masquerade attire and dancing the same music rhetoric.

Again, on Monday, Fulani militia entered katarma in Chukun LGA and killed five (5) persons and carted away domestic animals worth hundreds of thousands and up to date the government, with its so-called Commissioner of “Internal Betrayal”, Mr. Samuel “Akashe” has not said anything about it.

The attack at Tashan Eche

I Pastor Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi, totally condemned it and called on the needed security personnel to go and established a military check point in order for our brothers and sisters to have a moment of security around there whenever we are traveling to our places of work, farm and at home.

What Nigerians need is not food but security; if we can have sixty percent coverage of security in Kaduna state, whether Mr. Sack and Disengagement Governor like it or not, we must flourish with Tamba (TSAM) and( ginger (Ham).

It’s uncalled for, that we have a so-called sitting government officials going about with siren with brief case full of Dollars, Euro and Pounds flogging it on girls asses and building houses for prostitutes, just to have a moment euphoria of sex.

The government have failed in areas of selfless leadership, which is why we having this epidemic of insecurity in Kaduna state.

A governor who have chosen Nebuchadnezzar to be his mentor! Definitely, the hated citizenry has become second class citizen and casualties in her own home while foreigners has become the opposite.

El-Rufai has contributed gruesomely to the present menace and malignance that the citizens are facing today.

My advice to the state government is: let KADVI be empowered as Amotekun to go inside the bush to chase away this criminals called Fulani militia and also serve as SSS within and without her environment in monitoring strange movement in the communities.

I advise that the government respond to her calling in other to shorten the days of this kidnappers and Fulani militia around Kizachi and entire southern Kaduna. Can a government be in power without the people? It’s the people that bring about the government!

The governor must change his mentor and select Late Nelson Mandela to be his Mentor and imbibe his inclusive governance style and allow participatory governance so that everyone will feel the sense of togetherness and selfless share of state resources and deny the consistent spirit of one-sided city renewal development in Kaduna State.

He must avoid the consistent call for lopsidedness of appointment in the state because what is obtainable in Abuja concerning Buhari appointment is exactly what we are having in Kaduna State.

Government has turned a deaf ear to insecurities and married merriment as their government priorities.

Law of Karma has no short hand. In fact, the tallest hand is karma. What is happening in Imo state between Rochas and Hope is clearly shown that same will go about with those in power.

The cars were terribly scattered and all the cars body painted with human blood.

This calls for worries and emergency action of security personnel to cushion the effect in both sides of the victim. It is not enough for news to go about but let the kidnappers and Fulani militia begin to experience heat and sleepless nights.

PST Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi

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