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Kogi: Dino Melaye Ought To Have Considered This

By Odimegwu Onwumere


When the twitter message came on my phone, I opened it immediately because I saw the name Sen Dino Melaye. I wondered what it was with him this time, perhaps with the authorities.

The author, Odimegwu Onwumere

But while reading the message, something bigger than the authorities and him was the tweet: Dino had backed out his campaign position for his Kogi PDP in the forthcoming election in the state, on the pretext of betrayal or un-seriousness by some party faithful.

Without a doubt, Dino had a right to choose what profits him and negates what does not. However, I would not do what he did considering the mocking feat the APC would record against him. Yes. The APC would be laughing right now, because the same PDP Dino and some other dignitaries genuflected to when the APC could not accommodate them, is what his person wants to throw to the dustbin, when they needed him most.

Dino ought to have known that many Nigerians look up to him and love him, so to take such a harsh decision without consulting, was not expected of a leader of his standing, I now understand he is not.

I think Dino has courage as a Senator, not as s leader. I say this because he tends to razor his repute before the populace, due to high temper.

Juxtapose this with the fact that Dino will be politically irrelevant should he fall apart with the PDP. He was supposed to know that no leader achieves anything without continuous discipline.

I expected Dino to perform acts that would have been beneficial to PDP – for whatever reason – and not given to rash anger. Without discipline, we can achieve nothing as a team or individual.

His abdication of the campaign role is equivalent to leaving the party, especially in the manner he did, without a recourse to what Nigerians who love him would say. Success doesn’t come before work. Yes, Dino might be financially successful.

His tweet underpins his immaturity in facing challenges in position of true leadership. His gesture would make his followership to dwindle. They might not have faith in him again, because he would also do same if given opportunity to lead Kogi as Governor.

Dino forgot that the leader strives for excellence, not excuse (such as the later is his). His act has shown that he is a mediocre who lacked organisational prowess. It’s not all about oratorical prowess, which Dino is proficient in.

Let Dino whom I had thought was a genius realise that the major features of a genius is to expect best, go for it, and get it. I am still seeking for answer why Dino wanted to remain as a Good person, not as a Great leader. He is knowledgeable, but I think he needs books on wisdom.

I hope Sen Dino Melaye knows that in any situation, knowledge and experience applied to reach a set goal is wisdom?

Where is his?

Odimegwu Onwumere; E-mail: apoet_25@yahoo.com

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