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Kwara APC asks Buhari to insist on direct primary for the state

By Comrade David Busayo

Good evening your Excellency,

I write this piece to intimate you about the political developments in Kwara State, which require your urgent intervention before they get out of hand.

It is no longer news that Bukola Saraki moved out of APC but what may not be known to you is that he moved out with the entire structure of APC and about 65% of the members leaving only the people loyal to Sen. Gbemisola Saraki and the Hon. Minister Layi Mohammed.

The moment this happened, the entire structure of the PDP and over 90% of its members who have become so formidable defected enmass to APC and more than filled the vacuum created by the exit of Bukola Saraki and his people. The new APC has emerged stronger to the joy of the entire population of Kwara people who have been longing for genuine change.

In recognition of this development, the NWC of APC dissolved the state structure of the party to accommodate the new members. But at the prompting of some old members of the party who were afraid of domination by the new entrants, the position of state chairman was declared non vacant and this was gladly accepted by all.

But to the surprise and dismay of peace loving members of the party, some people who could not stand healthy competition started promoting ember of discord and blackmail against formidable and potential candidates who could deliver victory for the party in the 2019 elections.

Part of the tactics being employed include blackmailing people of being moles sent by Senator Bukola Saraki. While I am not ruling out  this possibility, it is foolhardy to accept that it is only one out of 13 governorship aspirants that is not a mole. We must be careful not to play into the hands of those who want to destroy the party.

It will anger most Kwarans more to be insulted that Asiwaju of Lagos has a favoured candidate and because of this there will not be primary elections. I have a lot of respect for Asiwaju Tinubu and believe in his contributions towards the liberation of Kwarans but we reject in entirety the plot by some people to drag the name of Asiwaju in the mud and set the people of Kwara State against him. Consensus arrangement is recognized by the constitution of the party but should not be abused. Imposition in any form will be resisted and this may affect the chances of our party in the forthcoming general election. We have come this far to look back.

As a formal National Vice Chairman, North Central of ANPP, one of the legacy parties of APC, It will be a great disservice if I keep quiet over the impending dangerous actions that could destroy our great party. I therefore implore you to insist on a transparent, free, and fair Direct Primary process for all positions at all levels to forestall negative reactions. It should be noted that Indirect Primary cannot work because as at today, we do not have structures to produce a delegate list that stakeholders will accept. Direct Primary is the only way the various groups in the party can have confidence in the process and be committed to the party’s victory in the coming decisive elections in 2019.


– Prince Femi whyte, Former National Vice Chairman of ANPP, Kwara State.

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