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Ladies & Gentlemen, may I introduce to you the president of United States


She is Madam Hillary Rodman Clinton. Madam President. She is the first woman president of the United States and she represents Obama the third term. It is the wildest scenario any True Republican could imagine but the Republicans are creating and laying a foundation for it to come to being.

This essay is divided into two parts: (1) what a Clinton Presidency would mean for America and (2). How the Republican Party is designing it.

1.   What a Clinton Presidency would mean. Like Obama it would be a first that many people thought would be impossible; a woman president has been thought of before but never accomplished just like a Black President was thought in the past to be out of reach. President Clinton’s election would be made possible by President Obama’s election. And President Obama’s legacy would be cemented by Madam Clinton’s presidency. President Clinton’s presidency would then mean:

a.   Obama health care, pivot to Asia policy, slow use of American troops, inclusiveness, women’s issues, equal pay for equal work, etc. would all stand.

b.   Tax overhaul that would benefit the middle class at the expense of the 1% would be done

c.   Supreme Court would be re-established at the center. Which means that Roe vs Wade would remain in the legal books; Voting Rights will not be toned down any more; most of the would have been 5-4 decisions in favor or the conservatives would now be 5-4 votes in favor of the liberals. She might even get to appoint the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

d.   Education loans on students would be treated as any other debt which could be wiped out by bankruptcy as different from what is happening today.

e.   The Clinton’s love Africa and Africa would benefit from their largesse as opposed to Africa’s loss in Obama’s presidency (because Obama did not want to be perceived as partial because of his heritage).

f.    Democrats would retake the senate

g.   Immigration reforms that would be passed will be better than anything Obama and Bush had attempted.

h.   Including Obama’s residency, Women and minorities would have an unbroken 15-year tenancy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC

i.     Etc.

2.   The Republican Part is making all these possible even knowingly. GOP is being egged on to self-destruction by its extreme right wing otherwise known as the Tea Party (TP). Since the Tea Party worked its way into the fabric of GOP, the only way to win a nomination is to cater to the worst fears of some American public which forces a candidate to accept all the wish lists of TP. Such as:

–      Build a wall in the southern border of US to prevent Spanish immigration to US. And deport all 12 million immigrants from US and for those remaining no path to citizenship.

–      Increase the capacity of Guantanamo Prison and bring back torture of “war criminals” as a means of obtaining information. This has enraged the entire Western World and Middle East and violets international laws.

–      Unrelenting support for Israel even when Israel acts against the interests of US such as “no more territories in occupied lands”.

–      Abridging the rights of citizens in searches and wire taping of phones and private information.

–      Provoking and minimizing all segments of the population: Muslims, Blacks, women, Hispanics, gays and lesbians, everybody but white men

–      Protecting gun owners even with mass massacres occurring in most cities and towns across all regions: at schools, in churches, at cinema houses, work places, etc.

–      ETC.

There are not enough middle aged white men to elect anybody to the Oval Office. And as if that is not enough the middle aged white men running for GOP nomination hate each other so much that they will say and are saying unprintable things against each other. 

If Trump is the nominee, Mrs. Clinton’s Ad is already made for her. All she needs is to rebroadcast Mr. Romney’s speech delivered at the University of Utah yesterday and if Mr. Cruz wins she only needs to repeat the accusations of Trump and others said of him and his lies to say nothing about his meeting the citizen’s birth requirements. Ditto for Mr. Rubio and Kasich.

Matters are already complicated enough.

But if not, consider that if Mr. Trump is denied his about to be earned GOP presidential nomination, his ego would compel him to carry out his threat to run as an independent which would divide the party and generously hand the White House to the one who had lived there before. Also a brokered convention would be the only practical way to stop Trump from emerging as the nominee.

Should this happen many in the party would consider this a return to the smoke-filled backrooms of yore where powerful men (usually white men) would determine the faith of America. They would have done so again. But America has long way passed that stage. Americans would not want their hard fight for democracy to be so easily and quickly denied them once more.

Consider also that the candidate that could be called upon may be the 2012 GOP candidate Romney or his former running mate and now the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan or any one of the losers in the primary elections. These people have all appealed to the electorate and the electorate had already spoken.

The republican 2016 National Convention will be held on July 18-21. No matter who is nominated, there will not be enough time to rally around the chosen candidate especially if he is a new candidate or one who had suspended the election earlier. Only Mr. Trump has the field offices and the TV exposure to keep going after July. There will be just three months for the nation to choose the ONE.

2016 is beginning to look like 2012.

Good luck Madam President.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba, Boston, Massachusetts

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