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Lagos APC lauds Ambode on massive security architecture

The All Progressives Congress [APC] Lagos State has thrown its massive weight behind His Excellency Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for making the issue of security of lives and property in Lagos the number one priority.

The party says that with the massive procurement of security equipments, the state has served warning to all criminals that they have no hiding place in Lagos.

In a statement issued in Lagos by the State Publicity Secretary, Mr Joe Igbokwe the party says Governor Ambode has shown through actions and deeds that he takes the matters of security of more than 20 million Lagosians damned too serious and will stop at nothing to make Lagos the most secured State in Nigeria. 

It urges the police and all other security agencies to compliment the efforts of the state government by redoubling efforts to totally rout criminals from Lagos.

“Given the huge resources expended to acquire these security gadgets we have no doubt in our mind that the Governor is aware that without security life will be meaningless for Lagosians. 

“Good governance, peace, creation of jobs, and development of infrastructure to meet with the exponential growth of the population would have been put in jeopardy without functional security of lives and properties.

“With what Lagosians saw on display last Friday in the seat of government in Alausa Lagos, it is clear that Governor Ambode has issued a stern warning to criminals and hoodlums to leave or perish. 

“It is a clear signal that it is no longer business as usual for criminals in Lagos who may try to test the will of the present state government.

“It is a final push to flush out undesirable elements and put an end to smashing of glasses and robbing of commuters at traffic gridlocks within the metropolis.

“We are indeed delighted that that the Lagos State government, ably led by Governor Ambode has risen to the occasion to tackle the problem head on, being responsive and responsible when the need is greatest. 

“We are delighted that the man on the driver’s seat in Lagos has shown that leadership goes with responsibility. Lagosians demand nothing else.

“We have no doubt in our mind that all Lagosians and all the security personnels will work in tandem to reduce crimes to the barest  minimum knowing fully well the power of teamwork and collectivity. 

“The security agencies need information; they need cooperation; they need support and encouragement of all and sundry to deal with this great job which is very engaging, very tasking and very demanding. 

“We therefore charge Lagosians to provide the needed civilian compliment for our security agencies to excel in protecting us by coming forth with information needed to apprehend and rout criminals in Lagos. 

“We assure the rebranded state security outfit will guarantee the security and confidentiality of Lagosians as we give the police the necessary cooperation to rid the state of criminals”.

Joe Igbokwe

APC Pub Sec, Lagos

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