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Lagos APC Rejoices With Aketi

Lagos APC has joined the progressives in Nigeria to rejoice with His Excellency Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu for winning the November 26 2016 governorship elections in Ondo State against all permutations, against all calculations and against all odds.

In a release signed in Lagos by the State Publicity Secretary Mr. Joe Igbokwe the Party says Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu’s victory is a big plus for the good people of Ondo State, the progressives, the South West Region and Nigeria

 “Various attempts have been made in the past sixteen years to bring this very important State into the progressive camp for both regional and economic integration but those attempts were rendered ineffective as a result of actions of reactionary forces, low thinkers and men of yesterday”

“Today the story is complete with this historic and unprecedented victory recorded by Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, and the great and committed people of Ondo State”

“It has been a long struggle for the man destined for greatness, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu and his dedicated supporters laced with courage, determination and strong will. The road to success is not always a smooth ride”

“We are asking the people of Ekitti State to learn from the courage and resilience of Ondo people in order to throw out the interloper and pretender, Mr Ayo Fayose from the fountain of knowledge and the State of the wise. Ekiti State must return to the progressive camp.”

 Joe Igbokwe

APC Pub Sec, Lagos.

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