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Lagos Residents Raise Alarm Over Looming Deaths From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Burning Tyres

Residents of Lagos State have raised alarm over  possible looming deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of burning tyres on the streets.

A Lagos resident, simply identified as Madam Tina Mbah, disclosed this in a memo she sent to ElombahNews for onward forwarding to relevant authorities.

She cited places like Cement, Agege, Agbado, Ishaga, Oke Aro, etc. as case study.

Madam Mbah expressed concern that unless some drastic measures are taken, Nigeria might record some deaths parallel to the Coronavirus pandemic which is taking a toll around the globe.

She wrote: “My brother, the death toll will rise because of another kind of disease CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning.

“The rate they are burning tire in various community in the night because of thieves and the effects on our lives.

“Please sample opinions and do something for them to stop it. It kills faster than virus.

“Please is urgent. Please sir, I believe your voice will be heard faster.

“Places like Cement, Agege, Agbado, ishaga Oke Aro etc. Sample opinion”

Another Lagos resident, Foluke took to her Twitter handle, @foluke_akapo, to confirm same.

She wrote: “We woke up in Lagos with soot (Tyre burning remnant) in our nostrils, in our phlegm, on our hands and all over.

“This also means that we have a highly polluted air to breathe. We will have to put on face mask inside the house.”

Another tweep, Omojola-ade Adelana Dare-Ojo @Emilola299 complained:

“And Lagos govt was complaining about roads we do not even have. Burning tyre is bad for our health and the environment but then, how many areas in Lagos have street lights? Those areas that do, are the lights functioning? God! Please heal our land. Please! Please!”

The Akarigbo Of Lagos, @its_dshow, went as far as begging the Police to wade into the saga, tweeting:

“Police, Can you enforce this street vigilantes to stop burning those tyres. we all would soon die not from #COVID19 but from inhaling the toxic smoke from the frequent tyre burnings.

“The police have kept mute to this which is bad and they know better.”

The onus, it seems, is not on the police and other relevant authorities to take action to stop the menace.

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