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Lagos Special Status: Lagos APC Salutes Senator Tinubu’s Doggedness

Lagos APC has lauded the gallant efforts of Senator Oluremi Tinubu in pushing a bill before the Nigerian Senate for granting a special status to Lagos.

Photo shows Senator Oluremi Tinubu having a brief exchange with Senate President Bukola Saraki

The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress [APC] has lauded the gallant efforts of Senator Oluremi Tinubu in pushing a bill before the Nigerian Senate for granting a special status to Lagos. 

The party said that Senator Tinubu’s bill is a true reflection of the wishes of the good people of Lagos who believe the state is the pillar on which the nation’s economy and the wellbeing of more than 21 million Nigerians rest.

This was contained in a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe.

Mr. Igbokwe said that the rejection of the bill in the senate does not mean the end of the agitation, which unarguably will impact positively on every Nigerian and the country’s economy if passed by the country’s legislature. 

It therefore urges the Senate to see beyond their little personal interests and see the need for the reintroduction and passage of the bill.

“We are surprised that at a time the country’s economic wellbeing is rested on the efficiency of Lagos, some senators still cannot see beyond myopic interests to view the bigger picture that by assisting Lagos to grow, it is serving the interests of all Nigerians. 

“At a time Lagos accommodates the largest percentage of the country’s population, we would have expected the senate to rise about narrow mindedness and give Lagos the needed encouragement to optimise its capacities to serve Nigeria well.

“Lagos APC is surprised that the Senate failed to see the relevance of boosting the capacity of Lagos to continue playing the role of the golden goose that lays Nigerian golden egg especially in this period of recession when the huge revenue from Lagos serves as a booster to the dwindling resources from other sectors of the economy. 

“We are surprised that the senate was ignorant of the need to assist the state that hosts Nigeria’s industrial hub as well as its intelligentsia to improve its rising profile as Nigeria’s economic nerve center for the benefit of every Nigerian.

“Granting special status to Lagos is for the interests of every Nigerian for nearly every household in Nigeria has a Lagosian. 

“The state accommodates more Nigerians who live there and do their businesses and earn their livings there. 

“The state is the commercial hub of the country and the West African sub region and its state of health determines the health of the Nigerian economy.

“We salute the courage and doggedness of Senate Tinubu in getting the senate do the needful and appreciate the need to assist Lagos play its critical role in the nation’s economy. 

“We salute her dexterity in pursuing this necessary bill and we assure her that she will continue to enjoy the support of our party and well-meaning Lagosians . 

“We appeal to the senate to rise above parochialism and accord Lagos the status that will help it fulfil its very critical and central role in Nigeria and West Africa, to the good and benefit of all Nigerians.”

Joe Igbokwe

Publicity Secretary,

Lagos APC.


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