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Lagos State PDP Returnees and the Party Constitution

By Deyemi Benson


The clamor to represent PDP at the Lagos East Senatorial District Bye Election is already causing a lot of ripples amongst numerous aspirants and their loyalists.

Considering the Constitution of the PDP, it is expected that every returnee to the party MUST not contest any election for at least 2 years unless a waiver is granted.

The scenario in the Lagos State PDP as it concerns the numerous contestants calls for concern.

The intrigues and heavy politicking is seriously on going. It is a money making period for party stakeholders especially the delegates generally.

The aspirants are trying hard to outspend and outplay themselves to clinching the party ticket.

During my chat with a few stakeholders in the party, it is generally believed that there are 2 major new entrants into the party; Mr. Babatunde Gbadamosi and Princess Odofin-Fawowora.

Princess Fawowora is seen as a new entrant that’s assisting to promote the party.

Mr. Gbadamosi popularly called BOG left the PDP and according to reliable information gathered tagged the party a ‘dead’ political party.

This is a point that some stakeholders are already holding on to as the video of that particular interview has gone too viral and trending.

Considering the PDP constitution, all returnees coming back to the party automatically lose seniority in the party.

Such are ineligible to contest for any of the party offices, or contest under its platform for any public office for a period of at least two years – unless given a waiver.

Is the Lagos PDP going to grant such waivers? Won’t the system be bastardized by encouraging inter-party defections at will.

For sanity to reign, the party should enforce the provisions of the constitution or the entire constitution loses its essence.

Nothing worse can happen to a party. Besides, giving waivers has not proven to help the cause of the party.

Let it be made clear that the rules must not be bent to accommodate the ambitions and egos of anybody.

Honestly, it is expected that responsible members will respect this and comply.

When politicians move from one party to another at the slightest threat to their interests, it attests that their motives are driven by self-interests rather than selfless service.

Whatever our motives and interests in politics, we should be men enough to stand and fight perceived or real injustices and injuries we are confronted with.

To run to another party and then to another is a flawed way of playing politics. It only tells that such are no more than fortune seekers.

This must not be supported in the Lagos PDP.

~Deyemi Benson writes from Ikorodu.

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