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Last Gasp Of A Dying Regime: CCT’s Arrest Order Of CJN

Plus the unconstitutional suspension amounts to persecution



I am deeply grieved to hear of the purported arrest warrant issued against the Bona Fide Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Justice Walter Onnoghen by the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

The persecution of Justice Walter Onnoghen started before he was appointed and is culminating now with his forced removal, false arraignment by fake judgments.

Human Rights lawyer, Barrister Emmanuel Ogebe

Let it be known that Justice Walter Onnoghen’s crimes are principally two:

  1. Wrong region
  2. Wrong religion

The feudal owners of Nigeria have determined that by accident of his birth, he is not entitled to occupy a position that over 30 years he has professionally prepared and progressed to.

Every federal court in Nigeria today is headed by a northern Muslim except for the National Industrial Court headed by a southern Muslim. Justice Onnoghen who happens to be the sole exception and rose to that position on merit/seniority has been removed to complete the unhidden northernization policy of General Buhari.

The Federal Courts now headed by northern Muslims are:

  1. Supreme Court
  2. Court of Appeal
  3. Federal High Court
  4. High Court of the FCT
  5. Code of Conduct Tribunal
  6. National Industrial Court (southern Muslim)

Previous Chief Justices of Nigeria have been involved or implicated in astounding corruption amongst others but nothing of this sort has ever befallen them.

At a point when Justice Uwais was accused of contract scam in the purchase of vehicles purportedly instigated by another judge, President Obasanjo’s only involvement was to call a peace meeting between the two jurists. The one retired as due to allow the other takeover in due season.

The extreme prejudice with which the witch-hunt and vendetta against Justice Walter Onnoghen is being pursued with venomous vengeance is alarming.

Gen Buhari has declared and demonstrated his favoritism towards judges who ruled in his favor.

Last month he boasted that Justice Nsofor formerly of the Court of Appeal gave a dissenting judgment in his favor in the presidential election tribunal therefore he paid him back with an ambassadorship to the United States.

Ironically Justice Walter Onnoghen in the Supreme Court also issued a dissenting judgment in favor of Buhari’s election petition.

Why then would Buhari want him removed from office instead of rewarded like Nsofor?

The answer can only be the northernization policy of Gen Buhari who has ethnically cleansed the top hierarchy of Nigeria’s security apparatuses and installed a 90% northern Muslim National Security Council.

The deeper hypocrisy in the entire affair is that the Chairman of the Tribunal was also him fingered in actual corruption allegations (not mere asset declaration) involving bribery which all witnesses, bribers etc in existence.

Whether he is under pressure or blackmail to perpetrate this travesty which he is so clearly performing because of his own personal vulnerabilities. However his declaration that he is responsible only to the presidency and not the NJC is in and of itself worrisome.

To add to the show of shame, recent shocking revelations by Atlanta-based Nigerian American Professor and former Buhari supporter Farooq Kperogi claim Gen Buhari received $3 million (1 billion naira) from late Gaddafi and billions more from Saudi Arabia to sponsor his election bids.

This is a violation of Nigerian law and undermines National Security and Sovereignty. Kperogi also insists that Buhari’s assets declaration is false.

Based on the above it is clear who needs to be investigated for much more horrendous crimes of corruption. Indeed the allegations against Buhari are far worse than those against US President Trump who is under Special Counsel Investigation.

I accordingly repeat my call for a similar special counsel investigation into General Buhari’s conduct pertaining the Libyan, Saudi and other middle eastern funds as well as his assets declaration amongst others.

I call on all other Nigerians and people of goodwill who have evidence of this and similar malfeasance by this regime and its actors to furnish the same to us at the US NIGERIA LAW GROUP FACEBOOK page for review.

Thank you.

Emmanuel Ogebe ESQ


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