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Latest Covid-19 Global Updates: Russia now 2nd-fastest growing outbreak with 11,231 new cases

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  • Confirmed Cases:                  3,912,356

  • Total Recovered:                    1,340,601

  • Total Deaths:                             270,352

  • Active Cases:                         2,301,403

  • Affected Countries:                        214

Coronavirus update, Africa:

– South Africa: 424 new cases
– Egypt: 393 new cases
– Nigeria: 381 new cases
– Algeria: 185 new cases
– Morocco: 140 new cases
– Mayotte: 115 new cases
– Chad: 83 new cases
– Sudan: 78 new cases
– Guinea: 71 new cases
– DR Congo: 66 new cases

JUST IN: Nigeria reports 381 new cases of coronavirus, 3,526 cases in total.

Nigeria’s largest daily increase by far.

NEW: South Africa reports 424 new cases of coronavirus, 8,232 cases in total.

161 deaths, 3,153 recovered.

COVID19 update in Africa

As of 7 May, 2020, 6pm East Africa Time, 53 African Union Member States reported 52,175 cases, 2,024 deaths, and 17,819 recoveries.

See the attached document below:

Coronavirus update, Middle East:

– Turkey: 1,977 new cases
– Saudi Arabia: 1,793 new cases
– Iran: 1,485 new cases
– Qatar: 918 new cases
– UAE: 502 new cases
– Kuwait: 278 new cases
– Bahrain: 265 new cases
– Israel: 71 new cases
– Iraq: 63 new cases
– Oman: 55 new cases

NEW: Saudi Arabia reports 1,793 new cases of coronavirus, 33,731 in total.

BREAKING: New York reports 3,491 new cases of coronavirus and 231 new deaths.

Total of 327,469 cases and 20,868 deaths.

Saudi Arabia’s largest daily increase so far.

USA: Airbnb lays off 1,900 workers due to coronavirus, nearly 25% of its workforce.

New York’s update:

– Number of new cases up
– Number of new people tested up
– Number of new deaths down
– Number of intubations down
– Number of hospitalized down

NEW: Sweden reports 705 new cases of coronavirus and 99 new deaths.

A total of 24,623 cases and 3,040 deaths.

NEW: India reports 580 new coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu, state total at 5,409.

37 deaths, 1,547 recovered.

INDIA: Mumbai reports 680 new cases of coronavirus and 25 new deaths.

A total of 11,394 cases and 437 deaths.

NEW: Scotland extends lockdown for another three weeks until May 28.

UK: PM Johnson doubles daily coronavirus testing target to 200,000 by end of May.

Current testing below 100,000.

Good news from the UK:

– Number of new cases down
– Number of new deaths down
– Number of new people tested up

BREAKING: UK reports 5,614 new cases of coronavirus and 539 new deaths.

Total of 206,715 cases and 30,615 deaths.

NEW: India reports 388 new coronavirus cases in Gujarat, state total at 7,013.

425 deaths, 1,709 recovered.

INDIA: Delhi reports 448 new cases of coronavirus, raising total to 5,980.

Delhi’s largest daily increase so far.

NEW: Iran reports 1,485 new cases of coronavirus and 68 new deaths.

A total of 103,135 cases and 6,486 deaths.

CHINA: Tesla reportedly suspended car production at Shanghai Gigafactory.

NEW: Another 3.2 million people in the U.S. filed for unemployment last week.

33 million lost their jobs since mid-March.

NEW: India reports 118 new cases of coronavirus in Punjab, state total at 1,644.

28 deaths, 149 recovered.

NEW: India reports 110 new coronavirus cases in Rajasthan, state total at 3,427.

99 deaths, 1,889 recovered.

NEW: Italy reports 1,401 new cases of coronavirus and 274 new deaths.

Total of 215,858 cases and 29,958 deaths.

Good news from Italy:

– Number of new cases down
– Number of new deaths down
– Number of hospitalized down
– Number of ICU patients down
– Number of new people tested up

INDIA: West Bengal allows home delivery of liquor and launches website for ordering

BRAZIL: Spokesperson for President Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus.

INDIA: PM Modi calls a National Disaster Management meeting after deadly gas leak at chemical plant in Vizag.
INDIA: Major gas leak at chemical plant kills at least eight people, including a child.

Nearly 1,000 sick, over 100 in hospital.

INDIA: Vizag gas leak update

– Gas has been ‘neutralized’
– Villages evacuated
– 8 dead
– 1,000+ sick
– Hundreds in hospital
– NDMA meeting underway

INDIA: Vizag gas leak update

– Leakage at plant is now minimal
– Nearby families evacuated
– 11 dead
– 800+ hospitalized
– Many of them discharged
– Situation in Vizag under control

JUST IN: Pakistan orders all schools and universities to remain closed until July 15.

NEW: Bangladesh reports 706 new cases of coronavirus, 12,425 cases in total.

186 deaths, 1,910 recovered.

Coronavirus update, India:

– 3,561 new cases in last 24 hours
– 52,952 cases in total
– 15,267 recovered
– 1,783 deaths
– 32% of cases in Maharashtra
– Over 1,350,000 tests conducted

Coronavirus update, Pakistan:

– 1,523 new cases in last 24 hours
– Largest daily increase so far
– 23,777 cases in total
– 6,464 recovered
– 564 deaths
– 244,778 tests conducted

NEW: Lebanon will allow mosques and churches to begin Friday prayers and Sunday masses starting May 8.

ITALY: 12th employee at the Vatican tests positive for coronavirus.

NEW: Number of recovered coronavirus patients in India has surpassed 15,000.

EUROPE: Baltic states have agreed to reopen internal borders on May 15.

– Estonia: 1,720 cases
– Lithuania: 1,433 cases
– Latvia: 909 cases

EUROPE: Shops in Belgium allowed to reopen starting May 11.

JUST IN: Russia reports 11,231 new cases of coronavirus, 177,160 cases in total.

Russia’s largest daily increase by far.

Russia is now the second-fastest growing coronavirus outbreak in the world.

NEW: Shanghai Disneyland will reopen on May 11, after being closed since January.

NEW: Indonesia reports 338 new cases of coronavirus, 12,776 cases in total.

930 deaths, 2,381 recovered.

EUROPE: Norway pledges $1 billion to global coronavirus vaccination.

POLAND: Government postpones Sunday presidential election due to coronavirus.

NEW: Singapore reports 741 new cases of coronavirus, 20,939 cases in total.

736 of new cases are foreigners.

ASIA: Hong Kong will start relaxing social distancing measures from Friday.

NEW: South Korea reports 4 new cases of coronavirus, 3 of which were imported.

Below 15 new cases for 19th day in a row.

NEW: Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in London has surpassed 25,000.

NEW: Bank of England warns UK economy could shrink by 14% in 2020, which would be the biggest slump in 300 years.

NEW: China’s exports rose 3.5% in April from a year ago, crushing expectations.

Economists expected a 15.7% decline.

NEW: Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa has surpassed 50,000.

NEW: New Zealand reports 1 new case of coronavirus and 0 new deaths.

Below 5 new cases for fifth day in a row.

NEW: China reports 2 new cases of coronavirus, all of which were imported.

0 new deaths for 10th day in a row.

NEW: At least 26 personnel at a Mumbai police station test positive coronavirus.

NEW: India reports 3,561 new cases of coronavirus and 89 new deaths.

A total of 52,952 cases and 1,783 deaths.

NEW: Brazil reports 10,503 new cases of coronavirus, 125,218 cases in total.

Brazil’s largest daily increase by far.

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