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Leadership For Social Change, Hon Amb Ike Oligbo Holds The Four Aces

The need for a change of approach to governance in Anambra state cannot be overlooked any longer, especially now that all possible effort to redirect the present leadership has led to utter fiasco. The state of the economy, security and social welfare today calls for immediate action through social change.

Social change refers to any significant alteration over time in behavioural patterns, cultural values and norms. Today’s sociologists readily acknowledge the vital role that social movements play in inspiring discontented members of a society to bring about positive change.

Anambra state needs a leader that is conversant with both local and international politics to make significant turnaround to avoid total collapse of our nascent democracy. Effective leadership should be purposeful, collaborative, community-driven and and must follow a value-driven process, instead of a title or mere political position which it has been reduced to in the past couple of years.

The caption of this message reads that Hon Amb Ike Oligbo (Ichie Ike Edeke) holds the four aces taking into account his clear perspective of the situation of things both at home and in diaspora with his cognate experience in business management, security and community development.

The credibility and qualification of Ichie Ike Edeke to become Anambra state governor by 2021 is evident in his passionate contributions in various fields of human endeavour, ranging from awarding scholarships, providing employment, offering free medical services to sponsoring youth development schemes aimed at improving living standards.

It is time for the people of Anambra state to think out of the box by appreciating every single contribution of our leaders to nation building, while singling out the ones with genuine intentions to do more like Ichie Ike Edeke.

Hon Amb Ike Oligbo is more like an answered prayer that has come to cushion the adverse effects of bad governance as well as establish a system of government that will uphold the principles of democracy and make goods and services affordable to people of all categories in years to come.

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