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Let’s  Help Rivers APC Unto The Path Of Righteousness – By Simeon Nwakaudu


The Holy  Bible  declared in Jeremiah 17:9 that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it”.  The Holy Book  was referring to the Rivers APC. A bunch, always planning and executing  evil against their own.

It is true that the APC hosts the most shameless liars and  heartless  politicians in the world. However, nobody can understand  the diabolical wickedness of Rivers APC leaders.

Beginning from Amaechi , the other leaders  such as their “Nku Cream” Chairman,  exhibit a horrible  form of wickedness that attempts to destroy  their own state.  They work with  criminal elements in the APC  to undermine the development of the state.  Their acts of sabotage  against good governance is unheard of in any other clime.

Davies Ikanya’s recent statement against Governor Wike exposes him as a “village wizard “, intent  on using his diabolical wickedness to slow down the wheel  of progress in Rivers State.  As always, the Rivers APC  will fail.


The Statement Credited to the Rivers APC Chairman, Mr Davies Ikanya was as empty as the deflated  APC.  It was replete with infantile insults against the person of the Rivers State Governor. Other than that, it was meaningless. 

That statement titled: “CALL WIKE TO ORDER, APC TELLS RIVERS ELDERS, TRADITIONAL AND RELIGIOUS LEADERS ” was a needless ego trip by leaders of a political  party gasping  for breath, following  its loss of relevance.

It is ridiculous that  perpetual trouble makers who have no respect for constituted authority, religious leaders and elder statement would call on same people after further disrespecting constituted authority.  The statement by the Rivers APC was the height of hypocrisy. 

In sponsoring  irresponsible  insults against the person of the Rivers State Governor, failed immediate  past Governor of Rivers State, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, ought to have realised  by now that  Governor Wike remains focused irrespective of his lies, provocation and insults.  He is totally committed to delivering on the mandate freely given to him by the good people of Rivers State.  So far, he has been a first class performer  and the people of Rivers State are assured that  till 2023, he will continue to deliver. 


As a result of the financial  situation of the country, which  led to dwindling  resources available  to the state, the State Government  resolved to redefine the scholarship scheme . 

In a recent interview, Governor Wike explained  that his administration  had to review the scholarship scheme  in the overall interest of the state.  The administration  is still funding the school fees of students  studying  vital courses not offered in Nigeria, while students studying  humanities, arts and social  sciences courses  have been  offered scholarships fin Nigerian universities. 

Amaechi , as governor of Rivers State got between N25billion and N30billion monthly, hence he assumed the role of national father Christmas, spreading the political scholarships to students in over 13 states of the federation. For Governor Wike , Rivers  resources will be used for the  development of the state and not to curry political  favours  in the  name of a fraudulent foreign  political  scholarship that only served Amaechi’s personal interest. 


Without equivocation, the funds found at Amaechi’s  Ikoyi residence belongs  to him. Nothing  has changed. As Governor Wike explained, the Ikoyi billions  are remnants of the proceeds from the sale of valued assets of the  state . A hundred press statements  by Amaechi and his boys cannot change the reality  that  the former governor  stands indicted by a court approved Judicial Commission of Inquiry.  The truth remains that Amaechi squandered  over N3trillion that accrued to Rivers State under his watch.

The deliberate misappropriation and misapplication of Rivers resources by Amaechi and his cronies denied Rivers people several life changing projects.  If Amaechi had judiciously deployed the funds at his disposal, Governor Wike wouldn’t  have started  his first two years with the provision of basic infrastructure.


It is ridiculous  that Amaechi  thinks  he can  play the  Ostrich  as far as education  is concerned.  His cosmetic construction of a few schools in urban centres and rural roadsides never  had profound impact on the educational framework  of the state. Today, Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has re-introduced boarding  education  in public secondary schools in the three senatorial districts of the state.

He is strengthening Universal Basic Education in all the 23 Local Government Areas  of Rivers State through the total rehabilitation and re-equipping of over 350 Primary and Junior Secondary Schools. This major intervention  has been made possible because  the Government accessed the Universal Basic fund Amaechi  refused to contribute the required counterpart because of his disdain for rural schools.

Wait for it; Local indigenous contractors are handling  the total rehabilitation of schools in the most comprehensive empowerment package for local entrepreneurs  for decades in Rivers State. 

Nigerians still remember  the way  Amaechi and his political party destroyed the governance structure of Rivers State and left civil servants and pensioners disillusioned.  It is sad that a man who left without  preparing  handover notes for his successor, failed to pay four months salaries and six months pension will turn up  mid-term to sponsor uncharitable statements against Rivers  people and their duly elected  Governor. 


The latest assault on the sensibilities  of Rivers people by Amaechi  and his cronies was necessitated  by the judgment of the tribunal against the election of Senator George Sekibo. 

Constitutionally, Senator George Sekibo remains the duly elected Senator   representing the good people of Rivers East Senatorial District until the appeal which he filed is determined.  

As is customary with the APC, they have decided to make postulations and wild interpretations  of this judgment. Nigerians  should disregard the claims contained in their statement. Despite the political manipulation  by the police and other  security agencies, Rivers State  is purely  PDP with Governor Wike as the peoples choice. 

While the Rivers APC  are entitled  to their fair share of comic relief, the people of Rivers State  remain solidly  behind Governor Wike, Nigeria’s Dean of  Projects and the best performing governor of this era.


The Rivers State APC, Amaechi  and the Nigerian Police worked against the  success of the State’s Amnesty programme.  They wanted a situation  where the State  would wallow in insecurity.  However, through diligent and sincere implementation, the programme  succeeded  beyond all expectations. 

It goes without saying that Rivers State  is one of the safest states of the federation.  This is   largely  due to the sincere amnesty programme implemented by the Wike administration for repented cultists and criminals. Lagos, Ogun, Kogi,  Oyo, Kaduna, Benue and Ondo States are recording unprecedented levels of kidnapping on a daily basis. 

Only last  week, the Federal Government  extended the lifespan of  her own amnesty programme .

It is therefore disheartening and unpatriotic for Amaechi and Rivers APC  to condemn  a successful programme  that has received  international approval  because of its positive impact and relevance. The Rivers APC  must realise that politics is for  the service of the people  and not just an opportunity  to feast on the resources of the people.


It is now proven that the immediate past failed Governor of Rivers State has launched a media war on the state government  with the aid of resources illegally amassed at the expense of Rivers  people.  Blogs, newspapers, social media agents  have been hired  by the failed  Former Rivers State Governor to spread lies and half truths to deceive the public. I don’t  need to be a soothsayer to  know that this venture would fail.

The only way that Amaechi  will regain his relevance  in Rivers and Nigerian politics  is when he pays restitution to the Rivers people whose resources he diverted  to fund APC and his personal political survival. Otherwise, this grandstanding remains an exercise in futility.

This is the worst of times for the Rivers APC  and its leader, Rotimi Amaechi.  The leaders of the party need to apologise to the people, so that they can be helped unto the path of righteousness. For now, they have pressed the self-destruct button and as kind members of the society, we need to save  them from themselves.

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