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Let’s Focus On Resurrected PDP, Not On Dead APC —Fani Kayode


Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani Kayode has urged members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to focus on the resurrected PDP, saying that APC is a “dying horse”.

In a short memo made available to ElombahNews, Fani Kayode wrote:

“The APC is dying. What we see today is the last kick of a dying horse.

“It’s body has shrunk and decays more each day whilst the putrid stench of dead bodies trails it.

“The mark of Cain is upon them: they are cursed beyond redemption and wherever they go they are ridiculed, despised, hated and rejected.

“I say let the dead bury the dead: our focus should no longer be on the dead APC but on the resurrected PDP.

“The most important decision for us to make today is WHO our PDP presidential candidate will be?

“Who amongst us can defeat Buhari and win the election in February?

“Who can do a good job as President and who can heal the terrible wounds and bridge the bitter divisions that the corpsocratic and bestial tyrant has inflicted on our nation over the last three years?

“The search begins and the game is on!” he concluded.

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