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Letter of counsel to Garba Shehu ~ By Ifeanyi Chijioke


Needless to go through protocols because this letter is urgent; Garba Shehu, you have quite been playing a smart card without knowing you are simply constituting a public nuisance before British lawmakers. The world has passed the stage you could lie barefaced without seeing truth starring back at you- because the world has shifted to social media and is in our palms.

Mr Garba Shehu; British lawmakers must not come down or meet stooges of this regime to have first hand information of what is happening in Nigeria. The killing going on in the North is backed by electronic gathered evidences, when there is a video of a claim, you appear to make fool of yourself when you attempt to change the narrative. Learn to be quiet or better off; learn to play mature cards and stop lousy press statements of saving face.

Mr Garba Shehu; instead of trying everyday to prove or lie to Muhammadu Buhari that you and your bandwagons are doing very well in laundering his image by jeopardizing the truth already established by virtue of events that cannot be countermanded, take that time and advise Muhammadu Buhari to resign or change his tribally induced and unpopular policies.

It is most unfortunate that the very week you tried to discredit the report contained in the letter by British lawmakers or their position, Boko Haram attacked the convoy of a sitting governor, I believe British lawmakers that facilitated the letter will be looking at you not only as a liar but a poor propagandist who doesn’t know when to retreat or offend.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the world is not blind; they simply know the cards you are playing immediately they saw your reply or reaction. You have done well by trying to convince Britain that the source of their information is a known propaganda source and cannot be trusted or relied upon for true state of your country. You quickly mentioned IPOB to give the letter a tone of fake or propaganda because IPOB under Kanu now represent propaganda and untrustworthiness.

In doing so; you have often used Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB as a launch pad to communicate to the international community that information that propelled their position of things in Nigeria is mere propaganda and cannot be relied upon. By mentioning IPOB; you tend to jeopardize or undermine the effort of credible organizations and persons Britain relied upon for credible information or investigation on the state of your country. Can’t you see nobody is listening and nothing is changing?

I want you to absorb the fact that we know that international community now see IPOB as a propaganda organization that lacks credibility in all spheres of their businesses. We also want you to agree to the fact that IPOB Nnamdi Kanu is officially and has never officially worked with any known organization towards ending the persecution of Christians in Nigeria. To back it up; I also want you to know that IPOB is currently being considered on the list of persecutors of Christians in Nigeria. Often linking the information or sources of Britain’s investigation or submission to IPOB in a clear effort to discredit factual reports or defend Nigeria- is effort in futility. Can’t you see that defending Nigeria with Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB is dead on arrival?

Mr Garba Shehu; you have formed the habit of using IPOB to defend Nigeria or pass a message across that the information at the disposal of foreigners who have the interest of Christians and human rights in Nigeria is fake or not credible because you know IPOB has been underlined as merchant of lies and propaganda, even when you know IPOB is inconsequential or contributes nothing to positively ending rights violations and ethnic cleansing. You disgrace yourself and Nigeria the more because British lawmakers neither recognize nor work with IPOB, an organization listed as persecutors of Christians in Nigeria.

You have taken IPOB as a shield for Nigeria; linking every fact established with aim to getting things right to IPOB in order to sustain killings and abuse of human rights which you disguised farmers-herders clash. While you think you are playing smart card with IPOB; everybody cannot be fooled at once, we are aware of the fact that your mention of IPOB is to defend Nigeria and discredit the effort of credible organizations and persons fighting for the safety of humanity in Nigeria.

Finally; there is no hiding place for you and your handlers; British lawmakers know the sources of the information that kept them in the know, and working to protect human lives in Nigeria will continue to be unbiased humanitarian measure. While you dance naked in the public by enforcing or cluelessly linking information that kept Britain in the know to IPOB just to use IPOB and damage the credibility of the report, those fighting to preserve human dignity and lives have gone beyond that your tactless propaganda.

The world knows the truth and there is no amount of linking Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB to discredit reports of killings and abuse of human rights that can save this regime. Instead of trying to use IPOB and defend Nigeria- use that time and advise your handler to listen to the concerns of civilized world.

Ifeanyi Chijioke- a freelance/investigative journalist

Writes from Enugu


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