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Like Allen Onyema & Air Peace, Like Chukwuma & Innoson

By George Kerley


I cannot remember how this case ended but it started horribly for Innocent Chukwuma and his Innoson Vehicles.

A warrant of arrest for declared for him across the Nigerian media. His home was raided and members of his families assaulted and molested.

Jizzzzz!! I believed that his business was coming to an end! The media trial was horrific! Near satanic!!!’

There was noting that bank (GTB) and their cohorts at EFCC and the judiciary didn’t throw at him.

Air Peace boss, Chief Allen Ifechukwu Athan Onyema and Chairman of Innoson Group, Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma

Until the Supreme Court stepped in and salvaged his situation.

Last I heard was that an ₦8 billion was to be paid to him by GTB. And that he was going to seize GTB.

The exact same group of people who kept putting up silly arguments that Innoson had to go down have returned with this Allen Onyema matter.

What a sordid people!

When I saw the wide scale media throw up of the matter, I also thought that it was another ‘Invictus OBI’ matter.

And then I thought that maybe Allen or Air Peace may have failed/defaulted on a loan from a US Bank or scammed some US businessman or some aircraft sale company.

All that ended after I read the charge sheet.

So I am not bothered by the ‘new charges’ that this sordid group of people have added in their own warped minds.

Nigeria is as warped enough. QED.

George Kerley

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