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List of items stolen by Goodluck Jonathan’s security guards

Three policemen guarding an Abuja home of former president, Goodluck Jonathan have been arrested for alleged burglary.

The officers were alleged to have stolen items valued at several millions of naira from the Abuja residence of the former president – The suspects allegedly stripped the house of all movable items, during a three months period beginning from around March 2016

The Nigeria Police have arrested three of its officers for allegedly burgling an Abuja home of former president, Goodluck Jonathan

LIST OF CLOTHES SAID TO HAVE BEEN STOLEN AND SOLD By the Maiguard of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in his house here in Abuja..

1. Niger Delta traditional attires in about 20 Ghana-must-go sacks.

2. Suits, each one with “President Jonathan” inscribed in the inner side, in five big Ghana-must-go sacks.

3. About 10 big Ghana-must-go sacks of women attires made from lace materials sewn in Niger Delta style.

4. More than 10 bundles of Ankara materials, known as Atamfa.

5. About 10 sets of babban riga.

6. One big Ghana-must-go sack containing clothes with PDP logo neatly sewn on each one.

7. About 20 Niger Delta bowler hats.


1. 36 Plasma televisions.

2. About 25 refrigerators.

3. Five sets of furniture.

4. Two sets of sitting room chairs.

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