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Live Election Rerun Updates: David Mark Wins in Benue South


david mark

david mark- above

The Independent National Election Commission, INEC, has declared former Senate President, David Mark, as the winner of the February 20 Benue South Senatorial District Re-run election. Mark polled a total of 84, 192 while his main challenger, Daniel Onjeh had 71, 621 votes.

Mark won in five local government areas while Onjeh won in four. The result was declared by Prof.Ishaku Enigi.


Benue South rerun: Result so far….. David Mark of PDP leading Dan Onjeh of APC


Ado LGA, Igumale Ward 1

PDP 764

APC 201


Otukpo LGA

Adoka-Haje, PU Aune Play Ground 1

PDP 135

APC 38


David Mark wins Polling Unit.

Otukpo Club GRA PU

PDP 150

APC 37


Ohimini LGA

Agadagba Ward, PU Open Space Akpenwo

PDP 88

APC 61


ADO LG Igumale Ward 1

Ai-Ameh PU

PDP 64

APC 26


Otukpo LGA, Otukpo Town West

No. 30 Jamaica Street PU

PDP 50

APC 76


Otukpo Club GRA PU Voting Point

PDP 97

APC 19


Apa LGA, Edikwu 1

Ikampo PU II Olochokwunu Play Ground

PDP 139

APC 27


Otukpo LGA, Otukpo Town West

No. 30 Jamaica Street PU

PDP 50

APC 76


Otukpo LGA, Adoka Icho

Opanehe II Open Space

APC 52



Agatu LGA, Obagaji Ward, Obagaji Pry Sch 1 PU.

PDP 377

APC 72


Otukpo LGA,

Prison PU, Otukpo TownEast

PDP 384

APC 43


Otukpo TownEast Ward 1

Ikobi PU

PDP 112

APC 41


Otukpo Ewulo Ward, Ogantele PU

PDP 56

APC 39


Apa, Edikwu I,

Ijaha Open Space PU

PDP 50

APC 17


AGATU, Obagaji Ward

Obagaji Old Market I PU

PDP 151

APC 67


AGATU, Obagaji Ward

Obagaji New Market 1 PU

PDP 148

APC 67


AGATU, Obagaji Ward

Ologba Primary School PU

PDP 90

APC 60


Apa LGA, Edikwu 1

Ikampo PU II Olochokwunu Play Ground

PDP 139

APC 27


: Asa II PU, Apc 39 PDP 248 Wood Depot polling

Unit Apc 53 PDP 129 ……………………………………………………­…….. AGATU; Obagaji Ward

Olegochepo Play Ground PU

PDP 156

APC 35


Omebe PU, Otobi Ward

PDP 78

APC 37


AGATU; Obagaji Ward

Obagaji Old Market II PU

PDP 248

APC 103


Ogbadigbo LGA;

Al_Oono 2 OlaIdede Play Ground PU

PDP 85

APC 100

Results from 61 wards across the nine local government areas of the Benue South Senatorial District, in the rescheduled Benue South Senatorial election between David Mark of the PDP and Daniel Onjeh of the APC, revealed that former President of the Senate and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has extended his lead to almost 15, 000 votes.

From the 61 wards available, Mark polled  56, 021votes while his main challenger, Daniel Onjeh polled 41, 043 votes. The election was conducted in 102 wards in nine local government areas of the Senatorial District.

Earlier reports say Collation of results by INEC officials across the 3000 polling units, has started.

Accreditation and voting took place simultaneously across the polling units in the district.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), also reports that the exercise went peacefully albeit amid tight security.

A cross section of election observers described the exercise as “peaceful”, and commended the electoral umpire for its successful conduct. Onjeh casting his vote INEC officials declined comments on the conduct of the polls. 


Please note that the results below are yet to be confirmed by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the only body recognised by law to declare election result.

Benue South Re-run: Onjeh gains momentum but David Mark maintains lead

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Daniel Onjeh, has gained momentum in fresh results available from the Benue South Re-run election. Mark-Onjeh Results reported earlier favoured the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and former Senate President, David Mark.

However, results from Ogadibo, the Local government of Onjeh, has helped him reduced the deficit.

Ogbadibo Orokam1 Ejule Unit APC: 60; PDP 39

Ogbadibo, Orokam1 APC: 71; PDP 12

Ogbadibo, Orokam 1, Adupi Market Square. APC: 94, PDP: 24

Ekere Eru-Ekere Pry Sch APC 39 PDP 98

Ankpa Igbodome Itofu 1- Igbodome playground APC 85 PDP 72

Eha-Uleke Ai-Uja Pry sch APC 132 PDP 49

Ogwurute II- Akparoji-Ogwurute APC 56 PDP 18

Obenjira Ipole Ejaa-ipole Ejaa Play ground APC 58 PDP 97

Onyagede-Ehaje, Ohimini local government APC 184, PDP 120

Obi local government, Obeko ward, Umapia polling Unit APC 224, PDP 70

Otukpo local govt in Ewilo, ikobi polling Unit APC 41, PDP 112


Obi LGA; Obeko Ward Play Ground Umapia PU PDP 70 APC 224 Invalid 3

Ogbadigbo LGA; Al_Oono 2 OlaIdede Play Ground PU PDP 85 APC 100

AGATU; Obagaji Ward Obagaji Old Market II PU PDP 248 APC 103 AGATU; Obagaji Ward

Olegochepo Play Ground PU PDP 156 APC 35 AGATU, Obagaji Ward Ologba Primary School PU PDP 90 APC 60

Ogbadibo LGA; Ai-Oodo I

Ai-Oodo I PU

PDP 85

APC 91


Former Senate President, David Mark, has won his polling unit at the ongoing Benue South Senatorial District Re-run. Mark polled 150 votes against 37 votes of Daniel Onjeh of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the VIP 1, Otukpo Club, Township ward. In the nearby polling unit, VIP II, Mark also won by 97 to 19 votes.


Onjeh votesDaniel Onjeh votes

Mr Daniel Onjeh of the All Progressives Congress, APC in the Benue South Senatorial Re-run, has cast his vote at his Orokam Ward in Ogbadibo LGA. Onjeh is the main challenger of former Senate President, David Mark, of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Comrade Onjeh was a one time president of the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS.

He contested the last Benue South senatorial district election with the former senate president, David Mark, on the platform of the APC and lost but the Appeal Court in Makurdi in its ruling ordered a rerun of that election. He claimed he is in the race race to liberate the people from the claws of the PDP and Senator Mark

David Mark votes, say’s I’m confident of victory

Former President of the Senate, David Mark, who is the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in the Benue South Senatorial District re-run election cast his vote at Otukpo Club polling unit in Otukpo Township Ward 1.

Mark in the company of his wife who walked the distance from his house to his polling unit was welcomed by crowd of electorates with the shout ‘Okpokpowulu K’Idoma’. He voted some minutes before 11am.

Benue South Re-Run: Controversy over attack on party agent at Deputy Gov’s ward

There was controversy over the alleged attack on a party agent, Agbo Icha Emmanuel at Idabi Polling Booth, Otukpo. The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, claimed that Agbo Icha was apprehended by youths in the area who resisted his attempt to hijack electoral materials but the All Progressives Congress, APC, claimed that he was attacked by thugs loyal to the PDP. Agbo Icha, an agent of the APC, in the ongoing Benue South Senatorial District re-run, claimed that he was attacked by suspected thugs. He alleged that he was attacked after he resisted attempts by the thugs to hijack electoral materials at Idabi polling booth at Otukpi- Icho.

However, his claim was countered by the PDP who claimed that youths in the area prevented Emmanuel from disrupting the poll. According to tweets from the official handle of the PDP, Emmanuel attempted to run away with a ballot box at Idabi PU of Otukpo LGA. “Youths in the area defended their votes and apprehended him. He has been handed over to the police,” the party tweeted. The PDP added that it is not possible for APC’s agent to be attacked at the ward of the Deputy governor, Engineer Benson Abounu.

Thugs destroy home of Mark’s ally

The home of the Clan Head of Ehicho-Ugwu, Okpoga in Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue State, Chief Paul Amanyi, has been set ablaze by thugs believed to be loyal to the All Progressives Congress.

Our correspondent gathered that the home of the chief, a known supporter of Senator David Mark, was attacked after the thugs allegedly discovered electoral materials meant for the ongoing Benue South senatorial election rerun there.


INEC conducts 22 elections, tinkers with guidelines •Accreditation, voting hold

TWO-term Senate President, Senator David Mark, will today know whether or not he will return to the Senate to continue with his fifth term representing Benue South Senatorial District of Benue State on the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. So also is Senator Athan Achonu of Imo North Senatorial District, Imo State.

The duo will be running in two of the 22 National Assembly and state assembly re-run elections to be conducted, today, across eight states – Benue, Kaduna, Plateau, Niger, Nasarawa, Kogi, Taraba and Imo by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. Mark-Onjeh Apart from Benue South and Imo North, senatorial re-run polls will be held in Kogi East and Kogi Central. The remaining 18 re-run elections consist of three House of Representatives and 15 state assembly.

The Federal Constituency elections will hold in Okene/Ogori Magongo Federal Constituency of Kogi State; Lafia/Obi Federal Constituency of Nasarawa State and Kurmi/Sardauna Federal Constituency of Taraba State. And the 15 State Constituency elections will be conducted across Imo, Kaduna, Kogi, Plateau, Niger and Taraba states. They are Isiala Mbano, Oru East, and Owerri West all in Imo State; Lere West in Kaduna State ; Ofu, Ankpa 1, Idah, Dekina 1 and Dekina II (Okura) in Kogi State; Suleja in Niger State; Langtang South, Pankshin South and Pankshin North in Plateau State; as well as Ardo Kola and Mbamga in Taraba State. In Benue South, Mark will face Mr Daniel Onjeh of the All Progressives Congress, APC, the man who stopped him at the Court of Appeal among other opponents.

In Imo North, Achonu, who is fondly referred to as the one-arm senator, will also aim to stop Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu of the APC, who got his election nullified. In Kogi East, Senator Abdul Abdulahi of the APC whose election was nullified to pave the way for the re-run has been barred from taking part leaving the race for Attai Aidoko (PDP) and Ibrahim Itodo (LP) among others. With Senator Muhammed Salami Ohiare (APC) also excluded in Kogi Central, Alhaji Ahmed Ogembe of the PDP, will be running against Dr. Moses Wokili of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, and Kabiru Atta of the Labour Party, LP among others.

INEC distributes sensitive materials Already, the INEC has distributed both sensitive and non-sensitive materials to the states where the rerun would hold. In today’s elections, INEC said voters would undergo simultaneous accreditation and voting, a clear departure from the past. The new system which was introduced during the supplementary governorship election in Bayelsa State entails that both accreditation and voting would go side by side.

In the past, part of INEC’s electoral guidelines was that accreditation would be done separately and concluded within a specific period after which voting would commence. While the system was time-consuming, it also disenfranchised many elderly and ill persons who could not withstand the rigour of having to wait for hours at the polling unit pending when voting would commence. Secretary to the Commission, Augusta Ogakwu said in line with the new procedure, voting at re-run elections shall commence at 8.00 am and close at 2.00 pm.

As to whether the commission would discard the use of smart card readers, Director, Voter Education, Publicity, Civil Society and Gender Liaison, Oluwole Osaze-Uzi told Saturday Vanguard that the commission would continue to use the technology until there is a legislation stopping its usage. “We will continue to use the card reader for our elections. It is only meant to enhance the process and not to displace or supplant the manual register.

For now, there is no legislation that prohibits it, until probably when there is an electoral reform and a contrary legislation is made about its usage. The court has also not banned its usage, so we will continue to use it for the process of authentication of voter details,”, he said.

In Taraba state where rerun elections would be conducted into the Kurmi/Gashaka/Sardauna federal constituency as well as Mbamga and Ardo Kola state constituencies, INEC Administrative Secretary in the state, Alhaji Mohammed Umar said the commission was ready for the election and had distributed non-sensitive and sensitive materials. According to him, only registered voters who had obtained their Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs would vote in the election.


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