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Lockdown: Use Peace Corps to reopen schools, safeguard students, Activist tell FG


Peace Corps of Nigeria: a pro-active measure to avoid the spread of Covid-19 among students when school is reopen nation wide.

A peace practitioner and security analyst, Comrade Anekeoku Franklin is calling on Federal Government to reopen Schools and use Peace Corps of Nigeria to assist the students to maintain the rules avoiding the spread of Covid-19 in the country through hand washing, health sensitization program, social distance and the use of hand sanitizer in cchools.

Anekeoku said: “I urged Federal Government to position Peace Corps of Nigeria in schools to assist discipline the use of face masks and educate the students more on Health education and general hygiene, so that government effort will not be in vain when school is reopen.

“After training and educating them Peace Corps presence in the schools will help maintain and culture them very well towards building a good health atmosphere for learning & peaceful relationship between the officers and students.

“On that note, let’s give Peace Corps of Nigeria the mandate to work in collaboration with Federal Ministry and State Ministry of Education in the fight against Covid-19 in schools because the presence of Peace Corps officers in schools nationwide will not create fear or chaos to students rather it will build love and peace towards preventing the spread of Covid-19 in schools as we Nigerians wait for the final passage of the bill by National Assembly.”

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