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Looting: Let’s give peace a chance and be law abiding, Dino Malaye tells patriotic Nigerians


Senator Dino Malaye has appealed for calm across the federation as tension continue to escalate since the #Endsars protest was hijacked by hoodlums.

There have been massive looting and destruction of businesses in many states by hoodlums after the #EndSARS protests gone sour.

Dino Malaye in a statement has urged Nigerians to be law abiding and peaceful to avoid further break down of law and order.

The fiery senator said, “The reports coming out of some states across the country are very disturbing and saddening. At this time when tensions are high, I appeal to fellow Nigerians to please remain calm and peaceful in order to avoid further breakdown of law and attendant loss of lives.

“Even though one will ordinarily expect that the President’s address to the nation two days ago calm down frayed nerves, it has apparently not done much to the expectations of Nigerians at this trying moment.

“I, therefore, appeal for calm and I also appeal to patriotic Nigerians to in turn, in their various capacities, rein in fellow Nigerians on the need to de-escalate the situation by giving government at all levels the benefit of the doubt on the planned implementation of measures to end insecurity, police brutality, among other concerns that triggered off the #EndSARS advocacy before it was hijacked by sponsored hoodlums.

“Genuine protesters have made their point and I align with them. However, discretion is the better part of valour. We cannot continue to seek redress to an error in error, lest the hoodlums continue to capitalise on it to unleash mayhem on innocent Nigerians and destroy both public and private properties.

“It is a well-known fact that there cannot be any meaningful development in the absence of peace. We need peace more than anything now. Consequently, I call on all concerned to desist from promotion of fake news, making of inciting statements and instigation of violence.”

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